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Safety EP Album Cover request, anyone?


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Hello everyone ;),


I have an odd question: I'm looking for a high resolution albumcover (600x600 pixels or higher) for the Safety EP. I've searched everywhere on the internet and all I can find are small scans that aren't even worth to edit.


I'm sure that some of the owners of the EP (not me unfortunately :() wouldn't mind to help me :smug:.


I hope that someone could fulfill my request! :D.


Cheers :cool:

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Allright bumping an VERY old topic, but that artwork that you guys suggested is 600x600 but the quality is horrible (JPG Artifacts everywhere) and I can't edit this cover myself because I don't know what the actual cover looks like :P.


Maybe that someone who actually owns this EP (Lucky! :lol:) would scan his art in a large lossless (Png) size (1000x1000)?


I hope that somebody could help me :D.

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