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  1. Eh, that's true. :tongue: Stoi-....what? :freak: I can barely change from different units of measure as it is. ;_; Blahhhh, life. :shifty:

  2. It isn't his fault, I don't blame him, I actually blame his office staff that always overbooks the appointments and leaves a long waiting time after you check-in. It isn't really that late, the flu season is around from February to April. That's cool, I am proud of you! Oh and wait until you start a concept in chemistry called stoichiometry, your brain is literally going to bleed from all the stuff that's packed into those problems. So make yourself a favor and pay attention to that when it comes around. ;)

  3. That's terrible. :freak: At least you got out of a shot though. Isn't it like late in the season to get a flu shot? :thinking: Do Floridians even get the flu? :inquisitive: I'm alright. My Spanish is great, my teacher loves me and my grades are amazing. Math and chemistry.............yeah not so good. :\

  4. Kind of frustrated, I went to my doctor today to get a flu shot and a prescription and had to wait 40 minutes to see him even with my scheduled appointment. Only to tell me that he had run out of flu shots and that my prescription had already been sent to the pharmacy. What about you? How's your Spanish going? I bet you're gonna get fluent in no time.

  5. De nada. :awesome: So.......................................................how are you today? :lol: /:disappointed:

  6. I don't really have the desire to do so, but I am gonna think about it... thanks for your motivation. :lips:

  7. Carry on Albie, relationships are overrated and true love doesn't exist.
  8. No, I use it cause it scares you. :wacky: Sounds like you had a big party. :P You should sign up for it; you seemed so into swimming before and it's never too late to start back up again. :wacko:

  9. Why would you use it if it scares you? Just fine, tidying up the place after the mess of new year's and thinking in going to a swimming competition in April, but I am unsure to do it or not because I haven't swum since like October.

  10. That's why I use that smiley. :| I forgot what you said, so I'm just going to assume you asked what was up...I just went shopping yay. :awesome: How are you?

  11. Why does that concern you? They are free to think and assume whatever they want.

  12. Please don't use the stunned smiley, it scares me to death. :disappointed: What's up?

  13. "Well all I'll say is should I be accepting presumptions from someone who accused another member of the forum for being a hacker/pervert despite the member in question proving the evidence to have all been said within a forum which subsequently got you banned." It appears forum members are getting the impression that you got me banned with your 'evidence' of not doing anything wrong. Discuss.

  14. Rishombre. :stunned:

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