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  1. It isn't his fault, I don't blame him, I actually blame his office staff that always overbooks the appointments and leaves a long waiting time after you check-in. It isn't really that late, the flu season is around from February to April. That's cool, I am proud of you! Oh and wait until you start a concept in chemistry called stoichiometry, your brain is literally going to bleed from all the stuff that's packed into those problems. So make yourself a favor and pay attention to that when it comes around. ;)

  2. Kind of frustrated, I went to my doctor today to get a flu shot and a prescription and had to wait 40 minutes to see him even with my scheduled appointment. Only to tell me that he had run out of flu shots and that my prescription had already been sent to the pharmacy. What about you? How's your Spanish going? I bet you're gonna get fluent in no time.

  3. I don't really have the desire to do so, but I am gonna think about it... thanks for your motivation. :lips:

  4. Carry on Albie, relationships are overrated and true love doesn't exist.
  5. Why would you use it if it scares you? Just fine, tidying up the place after the mess of new year's and thinking in going to a swimming competition in April, but I am unsure to do it or not because I haven't swum since like October.

  6. Why does that concern you? They are free to think and assume whatever they want.

  7. Please don't use the stunned smiley, it scares me to death. :disappointed: What's up?

  8. I am still trying to get a copy of Safety from somewhere, mostly for artistic investment in the long run rather than music memorabilia.
  9. We may hope that this kid will go on to study rocketry and become another Rocket Man!
  10. Trying to revive the influence within a topic like this is meaningless, at least I have another stable mind with Jarvis's post. If you are going to talk negatively about anything, at least have the decency to do it with proper grammar. Don't you teach English or something like that for a living?
  11. Somebody slept with you?
  12. You better start working out then, and make sure to get fitness advice from the right people. Oh and to clarify things, I never get emotional... from where did you assume that? It's nice that you considered it though. :wink:

  13. Just alright, overindulging at its best and preparing stuff for new year's eve. How's Laurita?

  14. :blush: *Hug tackles Greg* :hug: The reason for my familiarity of the brand lies within the nature of this thread, and hence I guess the luls still goes for you.
  15. Are you unhappy about that?

  16. This feels like Allinternal in action. And I hear that Massengill is naming a douche after you, Reilly.
  17. Oh thank you! I hope you still remember her because she still admires you a lot. :lips:

  18. Hey! I just wanted to welcome you to the site. ;)

  19. Corona's and Tequila also available at the home taproom? On a sidenote, I'd highly encourage you to try out one of these recipes. I used to hate them but they have really helped me to survive during the last couple of months.
  20. I'd be appreciated if you refrained yourself from talking about me, and making references to my past actions with other users.

  21. This annoying scenario wouldn't be a problem if you went to bed early and didn't spend so much time on the computer, Kelsie.
  22. No, he is going to let us know that he got married already. :wacko:
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