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Sexual inequaliTEA?


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New sexual equality row as research shows women make THREE TIMES as much tea for workmates than men



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 9:06 AM on 23rd February 2010




A nationwide row has emerged in offices across Britain as the humble tea round stirs up tension between workers.

The argument has been prompted by women rebelling over constantly being asked to prepare hot drinks for their colleagues.

New research commissioned by Fairtrade drinks brand Cafedirect shows that every week women make three times more cups of tea or coffee for workmates than men.



Rows between colleagues over who does the tea run are becoming a problem in many offices. (Posed by models)


More than six in ten (62 per cent) men regularly invent ways to avoid making tea, such as impending deadlines, spurious meetings, false phone calls and even sporting injuries which prevent them carrying several cups at once.

Although men make larger rounds of tea than women (by just one cup) they also argue for half a minute longer when it is their turn to head for the office canteen.

However, the research shows women are not totally blameless.

Almost half, 46 per cent, admit to using the office brew as a chance to avoid work, while a quarter, 24 per cent, reveal their apparent act of generosity is merely a cover for sharing office gossip with colleagues.



More than six in 10 men regularly invent ways to get out of the tea run


In terms of job sector, recruitment consultants - the UK's biggest tea drinkers - are the most argumentative tea drinkers.


Two thirds of recruitment consultants asked in the poll of 3,000 people admitted to regularly coming to blows over office brews, and generally spending almost as long moaning about tea (four minutes) as making it (five minutes).

A staggering 44 per cent admitted to deliberately making tasteless tea to avoid repeat orders.

In stark contract, builders are least likely to complain about a bad cup of tea, with barely a third saying they have berated workmates over a badly-made brew.


Almost six million British workers claim they could not get through a typical working day without a cup of tea.


But overall, two thirds of tea-loving workmates argue over whose turn it is to put on the kettle once a day.

One in four people said they secretly harbour ill feelings towards colleagues who attempt to get out of their tea round.


Nearly four in ten arguments are caused by staff only making themselves a cuppa, while a further 22 per cent of tea round arguments result from suspicions that workmates have deliberately made a tasteless tea.


Anne MacCaig, head of Cafedirect, said: 'As office politics goes, the humble tea round would seem an unlikely cause of controversy.

'But with some workers making more than their fair share of tea it is clear that trouble is brewing in many offices.

'We are calling on businesses to turn over a new leaf by ensuring that everyone does their fair share when it comes to the tea round.'

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