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The Music of Zeus


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I've been hooked on Zeus's debut album the past few weeks. It is rather good. Great rock and roll. Check out their stuff and let me know what you think.


Here is my review of Say Us.


37.5 minutes of straight up rock and roll is what you get when you put Zeus’s debut album Say Us on. Influenced by the sounds of Halifax bands Sloan and Thrush Hermit as well as a desire to create the sounds of 60s rock, Zeus have dropped an album that lives up to the Greek god they are named after. Zeus is on the Arts&Crafts label and have worked with label mate and Broken Social Scene member Jason Collett, being his backing band on recent tours. While the band have these good connections, they are easily forgotten when listening to this album. Zeus have the ability to stand on their own and claim their stake on the mountain of Canadian rock and roll. The songs on the album are short for the most part with many clocking in below or around the three minute mark, ensuring that the listener will be able to quickly digest the songs and have them stuck in their head instantly. But unlike disposable pop singles, these tracks don’t drive the listener crazy after multiple listens. Poppy keys, fuzzy guitars, straight forward vocals and harmonies are present on almost every song. The first single Marching Through Your Head features these sounds making it one of the catchiest pop rock songs of they year thus far. If you are looking for something high on classic 60s rock sounds and low on challenging and confusing experimentation, the look no further than Say Us. Zeus have landed.





[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc4qnM9rcVo]YouTube- Zeus - "Marching Through Your Head" Arts & Crafts[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RTcEI6F3tU]YouTube- Zeus - The Sound of You[/ame]



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