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What size should an image be to fill a whole page perfectly?


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I'm retarded.I need help. :blank:

So, I'm trying to make a shirt with this iron on special paper, that you use to print with.

I already chose some images, but some are too big, that it doesn't fit . And some are too small.. and well.. they are small and it looks crappy on a shirt.

So, I just would like to have the right size,(like 200x400 kind of thing, i'm not sure what the kind of measuring it's called :thinking:) to fit the whole page perfectly.


I asked Yahoo Answers, but like always, no one answers. :blank:


Thanks to anybody who helps

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on windows photo gallery (im not sure on other programs), you can automatically print your picture on full page size (depending on the size of the paper of course) no matter what the size of the image is. though i think, it'll be pixelated on images smaller than your paper.


on pixels, the size of an 8.5"X11" is 2550x3300. a4=2480x3508.

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Well, it depends on the dpi, or dots per inch, which is the same as ppi, or pixels per inch. 8 1/2 x 11 at 600 dpi would be 5100x6600 in pixels, while 300 dpi would be, like inengsol1500 said, 2550x3300 in pixels. The same goes for A4 sizes, 300 dpi = 2480x3508 in pixels and 600 dpi = 4961x7016 in pixels. It all depends on your printer. If your printer can handle 600 dpi, and you want the BEST picture quality, you should print at 600 dpi. It's like resolutions on a computer, if you don't choose the highest setting, you will get a pixelated image.




Actually, thinking about it for a while, your image just needs to be in an aspect ratio of 17:22, or for every 17 horizontal pixels, there are 22 vertical pixels

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