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Coldplay on NUMB3RS


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The news post about Coldplaying denying Glee a song reminded me of this:


At the end of the Season 4 Finale of Numb3rs (When Worlds Collide), they play Warning Sign. I was just wondering why they agreed to let Numb3rs use their song, but not Glee (besides the fact that Numb3rs is a very awesome show lol). The only reason why I can think is because the episode aired in mid-2008, so Warning Sign was already about 6 years old, but Glee probably wanted a Viva song.


Any ideas?

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On Glee they're actually gonna sing the song so the focus would be on that.Coldplay songs have been used in many shows but only in the background.I'm not sure how it works it terms of copyright and such but considering they're gonna actually singing the the song on Glee I believe there's a difference

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Numb3rs and other shows that play the songs as they are simply re-play the song. It's the same as if a radio station were to play the song.


Glee takes songs and arranges them differently for performance. Basically Coldplay would have to agree to let the show hack the song to pieces and sing a choral arrangement.

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