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  1. Intentional or not this is probably going to blow up. It was already bad enough with the Satch/Cat case, ETIAW sample, and using Leonard Cohen's lyrics (whether or not they were credited), this is just going to make things worse. After ETIAW came out I was listening to a satellite radio station (the alt or college one I think) and the song was about to come on, and the DJ cued it up by saying "Next up is Coldplay's new single stolen from the Latin dance song 'Ritmo de la Noche'. You may remember when Coldplay stole Viva la Vida's melody from Joe Satriani's 'If I Could Fly'. Again, here are noted plagiarists Coldplay with ETIAW". After this who knows what will be said.
  2. First heard them back in Jan or Feb in LA on KROQ (Pumped Up Kicks of course) and started kinda following them. Never got to see them live in LA unfortunately but bought Torches when it came out and saw them at Lolla. (btw awesome show, I was watching TNAF right before that so I was right up front, it was pretty sick, definitely one of my favs from the weekend). And yeah yeah crazy how big they've gotten so fast. Right before summer started I was all about them and none of my friends had heard of them, and now everyone's singing along to Pumped Up Kicks when it comes on the radio. I was hoping to catch them on tour this fall but tickets sold out wayyy too fast.
  3. My guess is something like 4.3. Some predictions on the review: They are going to quote (and make fun of) lyrics from ETIAW. They are going to make fun of their new 'look'. They are going to make fun of song titles. They are going to bring up plagiarism (re: ETIAW and possibly Up With The Birds).
  4. I also see lots of pictures of frogs, so how do you know it's not referring to a type of frog or something? "Xylo" comes from the greek word for tree so if you want to get all speculative, it could refer to a treefrog or something.
  5. If you look at the others they are labeled "ctx" "x5" and "bx1" so I doubt the fact that it's called mx1 means anything. But overall it does look like whoever this is was an inspiration of some kind. I don't see how the word "Xylo" has anything to do with cameras though. Probably a coincidence, but "Xylota" is a genus in the family of hoverflies (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genera_of_Syrphidae) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoverfly), which would parallel with the whole "Xylobrytes" being a type of insect, but who knows. Edit: whoops, the alleged title is totally XylotO instead of XylotA, so that throws that out.
  6. ni idea, all i know is that i'm arriving there wednesday evening at around 11:30. and yeah i was planning on staying at the main stage for all of thursday.
  7. yeah we need to find who else is going to this, i'm definitely up for meeting up, i don't want to be totally alone at this haha
  8. If you interested in hearing new music pleas check out - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bowpow/126690580738436?sk=app_178091127385 Thanks! This is not spam..I don't really know how to promote myself.

  9. I wonder who they're gonna get to replace Amy Winehouse...
  10. Anyone else going to this? Exploring my options to get there from Granada. Looks like I'll probably be taking the overnight bus, but still trying to find a better way.
  11. Agree with all that. They were students when Parachutes was written. Now they're worth millions of dollars. I haven't looked at the lyrics of the new songs (except Charlie Brown, I'm a fan of that), but if they're anything like ETIAW, I feel like this album will lack genuine inspiration. Of course I hope it doesn't, though.
  12. Well, creatively at least. It's a great way to sell lots of songs and make money.
  13. And looking back on it, I'm glad that the lyrics were released first, that way it wasn't such a huge shock when the song dropped.
  14. Tell the fangirls (or fanboys) who are offended by criticism of the song to grow up, their reaction is more irrational. Coldplay is my favorite band, and I waited 3 years through a lot of hype for new material. They said they were going in a "new direction" and that the new stuff would be more acoustic and/or intimate. After about 10 seconds I was really disappointed. Most (and I mean most, not all) of those praising the song only back it up by saying it is "positive" and "upbeat" and a "fun summer song", but when someone criticizes it (and by this, I mean criticizing the song for what it is, not insulting people or the band), they freak out and tell people "real fans appreciate it, if you don't like it go away." Which is stupid. How can you say something like this when you criticize others for saying bad things, for example in the "Petition for ETIAW to Not Be On LP5" thread you called it "unbelievably immature." And on the "I'm going to leave this forum" thread you noted how people were being overly harsh and hateful, and that they need to think about the way they put their opinions across. Don't you think this is unnecessarily harsh/hateful?
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