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Frizzle dizzle?


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Treatment of the week: Finally, the ultimate solution for frizz-prone hair




Last updated at 9:43 AM on 29th March 2010

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When an unfortunate hair stylist is set the challenge of blow-drying my shoulder-length bob, the first words they utter are usually: 'Wow, you have such thick hair - and such a lot of it.'

It's thick, wavy and unmanageable. Forty minutes later, it's generally presentable, but if it rains it's back to the frizz.

At Richard Ward's salon in London, the Keratin Complex smoothing treatment infuses keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to 95 per cent of frizz, leaving hair soft and shiny, thus halving the time it takes to dry your hair and allowing you to consign your straighteners to the bin.


Transformation: Richard Ward's Keratin Complex smoothing treatment promises to halve the time it takes to dry your hair

If it lived up to its hype, this treatment would save me about three-and-a-half hours every week.

First, a shampoo to open up the cuticle before the keratin conditioner is painted on and left to dry. Next, the hair is blow-dried straight and special ultra-hot straighteners are used to seal the treatment into the hair.

It takes two hours, and for the next three days I'm advised not to get my hair wet, not to tie it back with a band or do anything that could create a kink. I'm also sent off with a special Keratin Complex shampoo and conditioner to help the treatment last longer.



Toning by torture: The new cult beauty product which claims to target sagging skin

It's no exaggeration to say my hair has been transformed. It now takes just 15 minutes from shower to sleek bob - and I haven't touched the straighteners in two months.

My hair has a shine it's never had before, and it's really easy to manage. It's now eight weeks on (the treatment can last up to three months) and shows no sign of wearing off. article-0-08DDE847000005DC-532_233x423.jpg

From £275 to £400, depending hair length, richardward.co.uk.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1261564/Treatment-week-Finally-ultimate-solution-frizz-prone-hair.html#ixzz0jceZ0w4N

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