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Anyone here on Friendster.com?


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If you visit friendster.com they may be able to explain it better, though from what I know it's a personal network. You create a profile, much like you would on Match.com or something similar. Then you can add friends who have also created profiles. Once your friends list grows, your personal network does as well. At the moment, only 5 friends have accepted my invites (only been on a couple days), though I'm connected to over 200,000 people just though a chain of up to 4 contacts (ex. Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend). Then you'll be able to do neat stuff like search specific criteria within this network (like Age, Sex, Location, Music, TV, Books, Interests) to find new friends. The coolest part is the people you find will be connected to you, sometimes in many ways & it will show you how. -- Very cool, I recommend everyone checks it out!

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Sorry it took me so long to respond. I don't know exactly what you're asking, so I'll try to explain further. You are connected with hundreds of thousands of people since the site links your profile to a "tree" of 4 chains.. like I said before,

At the moment, only 5 friends have accepted my invites (only been on a couple days), though I'm connected to over 200,000 people just though a chain of up to 4 contacts (ex. Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend).

Though the cool part about being "connected" in this way, is that you can search through a "gallery" of any specified criteria from this tree. This criteria could be age, sex, location, interests, music, tv, books, cars, whatever! So for example, I'm semi-using it as a dating tool, I'm searching my tree of over 200,000 people (stemmed from 5 direct friends) for anyone with similar interests to mine, near my age, and living within 10 miles of my city. From those 200k, I might get back 800 people with pictures & profiles. Then I'm able to also see the "stem" of friends (or "circle" in some cases) to meet this person. In further detail, say I found a girl named Cindy that I wanted to meet & my stem showed: Ben>Kyle>Cindy. I *could* send her a IM or email introducing myself, OR I could find that one friend that starts the "stem" (Ben) & ask to meet the next person on the "stem" (Kyle - who I don't know yet) who in turn connects me in real life to Cindy (the profile I was interested in).


I think it's pretty cool. By the way, to connect to me, you click on any of the several links saying "Edit Friends". Then, you click the text link named "Add Friends". At the bottom of the window, you'll notice "Invite Friends" (to email someone, encouraging them to sign up), or "User Search" (for friends already listed). You can use the "User Search" to find me. You'll need to enter either an email address or a full name (First, Last). My email is [email protected] & my name is Brett Luger. - Sign up & connect with me!!


Ps. Weedy, that Brett wasn't me, lol.. Try my whole name & email this time & you'll surely find me.

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If you (or anyone else) is having trouble finding me, tell me the email you signed up with & your name if you're comfortable with that (I know some may not be) & I'll throw you an invite. All you'll have to do is accept.

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Well, last I checked you were "friends" with about 3 or 4 people. That means you could easily be "connected" to over 100,000 in the gallery.


*That would include everyone that's a "friend of a friend of a friend" of all your friends (now I'm one ^_^). Now, all my friends, and their friends, & their friends, & their friends are in your personal network (or gallery).


In the Galary (link at top) you can see the real number of contacts in your personal network, and search through them with whatever criteria you like. Then when you narrow that number down to people you're looking for you can check individual profiles to find someone suiting your interests.


That's what I do, to find people I have similar interests with. Then I can see the chain of current friends I need to use in order to be introduced in real life! Or you could just send messages back & forth.. I also do that as a quick email with my current friends, since they're always on :P


By the way, I see you made a friend with my friend Jason. That's cool :)


There's also bullitonboards & messageboards, but you can figure those out on your own prolly.


Hopefully this makes sense. -- Others should sign up too!

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