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  1. I LOVE IT! What a fabby name! And how cute they've got a little boy as well as sweet little Apple! I'm so happy, I'm all exclamation marks today! :D (My last dog (a Red Setter) was called Moses!)
  2. Yup, that's mine too! :D I love the way it fits with the music, too. :cool:
  3. I like September - still warm, often fine weather, but the trees are beginning to turn golden. :cool:
  4. Well this sounds lame, but remember you guys that your parents get p****d too sometimes ..... Last year I was at this very important conference in London that lasted two days, and we had dinner on the first night, lots of people, high up in the organisation. Well, I had far too much jolly wine and ended up propping up the bar with the Director General ( top guy in the organisation) trying to persuade him to take me to a club. He kept saying he didn't know of any clubs or how to get there, and I was telling him all these helpful ideas to get there, like, well, London Cabbies know everything - all we have to do is get in a cab and they'll get us there :D . He was really cute ;) , but we never went anywhere :lol: .
  5. Mine's What If - so far! Twisted Logic is a close second, I love the way it builds :D
  6. :love: <---- Reilly and Bart :lol:
  7. P'raps I'll step in for a visit ;) :D
  8. Hi Sternly! I consider myself a vegetarian, even though I do eat eggs and dairy produce, and also a little fish from time to time - but only when it's disguised in breadcrumbs or batter :lol: . I eat LOADS of fresh vegetables and fruit, and use Quorn a lot, along with beans, lentils and brown rice. The reason I don't eat meat is primarily for hygiene reasons. Raw meat (in particular) is COVERED in bacteria and the reason people get food poisioning is nearly always because of contamination due to poor hygiene in handling food - for instance, handling raw meat and then cooked food without washing in between, or eating meat which is not properly cooked, especially minced up meat such as burgers. It's both of those reasons why people often get ill after BBQs! Anyway (I could write a book about this subject but I won't bore you ... ;) ), I just don't fancy having bits of cut up corpses hanging about my fridge or worktops. To me, it just isn't WHOLESOME and It turns me off. Oh, and I never take any supplements - don't need to, with all those lovely fresh vegetables. And for the record, you don't need very much protein in your diet, and certainly not at every meal, so don't get hung up about the nutrition you're getting, just try and eat some of the following: cheese, milk, bread, pasta, rice, beans or other pulses once a day and you'll be fine. It's a lot cheaper, too! ;)
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