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Selling my Coldplay Collection :(


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It would be great if I could.


I think ebay is my best option but don't want to be selling them for a low amount if they are worth a lot and not a lot of people are interested. So I'm up for people offering me a price over this or via private message instead of going through ebay.


Hoping for some big bids with Brothers and Sisters and Blue Room stuff at least!!

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I will probably put them on ebay on Monday.


Just thought I would stick the information up here first just in case anyone wanted first dibs and hoped people could offer me info on the prices.


Will let you know when I put them up...won't be long!!

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These are the prices I am roughly going to offer to people before I stick them all on ebay. I have got these prices from market places such as ebay and other record websites and the items have gone for these prices in the end. Obviously Im willing to negotiate if anyone fancies buying some items and if you buy quite a few together Im sure we can work out a deal to get some cheaper prices. Thanks a lot!



Brothers and Sisters 7" £60

Brothers and Sisters Single £20

Blue Room EP £30

Blue Room EP 12" Promo £50

Coldplay Acoustic (As well as the edition without Acoustic on the Front) £7.50 Each

Coldplay Live 2003 Promo CD £10

A String Quartet Tribute To Coldplay CD Album £6


Shiver Digipack £12

Shiver 7" £25

Shiver Promo CD £15

Yellow Digipack £15

Yellow Promo CD £15

Yellow 12" Promo £15

Trouble Digipack £8

Trouble Cassette Tape £10

Trouble 7" £8

Trouble Promo CD £10

Trouble (Norwegian Live EP) £8

Don't Panic Promo CD (2 Different Editions) £10 Each


The Scientist Digipack £5

The Scientist DVD Single £5

The Scientist 7" £5

The Scientist Promo CD £5

Clocks Digipack £5

Clocks DVD Single £5

Clock Promo CD £5

Got Put A Smile Upon Your Face Promo CD £8

In My Place Digipack £ 5

Rush Of Blood To The Head Promo Album Unopened (#210) £10


Speed of Sound 10" £5

Speed of Sound 7" £5

Speed of Sound Digipack £5

Speed of Sound Promo CD £5

Fix You Digipack £5

Fix You 7" £5

Fix You Promo CD £5

Talk Single £5

Talk DVD Single £5

Talk 7" £5

Talk Promo CD £5

Talk - The Remixes 12" £5

The Hardest Part Import £5

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For the people who were interested in the items I was putting on ebay here are the links to the first 3 items I am putting up. I want to see how these do, then I will put all the rest up!!









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