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HP Mini 210 has the fucked-uppest sound ever

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The speakers are so unspeakably terrible I'm not even gonna complain about them, I never use them anyway so that's fine, I don't care.


My biggest complaint is that the HEADPHONE JACK (which is actually a COMBINED headphone/mic jack... WTF HP??), whenever anything is plugged into it (I've tried different earbuds/a pair of headphones) makes a SUPREMELY irritating background hiss/crackle/static. On some of the devices I tried with it it was RELATIVELY unnoticeable while listening to actual music, but listen to something soft/nothing and you really notice it, it's so fucked up. And it's been getting worse since I got it a month or so again. It's especially pissing me off with a new, otherwise absolutely lovely pair of earbuds I got with my (other new, absolutely lovely :wacky:) mp3 player.


So stay the fuck away everybody. It's a nice-ish netbook but pretty sure everybody on this forum cares about audio quality, which is utter TRIPEBALLS.


Any suggestions on how to fix it btw? Thinking of getting a professional to change the jack but not sure that will help, I swear in the background I can hear the actual COMPUTER ITSELF running which is just so fucked up, haven't been able to hear a device running through the headphone jack since my 10-yr old 1-GB SanDisk first-generation mp3 player. I'm pretty pissed off too cuz I have basically completely grown into this netbook and don't even want a replacement if the company would give me one (I doubt it) cuz it would be SUCH a bitch to reupload files.

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