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Alias Art Contest

Tits Castle

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For those participating in Alias Day. Other members can still post here. All members can vote except artists.


The rules are simple and so is the art. We will all make creations (preferably in MS paint) and decide who was best. There are three rounds: 1. Self Portrait, 2. Landscape and 3. Animals. Okay, is I know it's a stretch but if any one is remotely interested please join in. :dozey:




For each round people will choose their favourite three images (if we even have enough people to take part in this) and based on rank will be assigned a certain number of points. If someone places you first you will get 15 pts, second and you get 10 pts and third will gets you 5 pts. The more people to place your art first the more likely it is you will win. If you enter something for the first round you must complete the next two. No coming in on round two or three.




I am not sure what prize would be given... Maybe you will be Queen or King of Alias day :dozey:

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For everyone that is taking part, please post your first creation before round one voting starts. This also goes for round two and three. I would like it if we could have the first round pictures displayed in the next half hour or so. And then wait to give other people who still want to take part the time to share their photos. But this has to be completed before Alias day is officially over so the sooner the better to be honest.

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