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Ping? Wedding Bells?

Guest Osaka Sun

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Guest Osaka Sun

Hey guys, after a nonstop week of volunteering, orientation events and whatnot I finally managed to check out the forums today and I'm really flustered with all this new LP5 info that's just come out.


Can someone help catch me up on what's happened this week? :)

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Let's see . . .


Chris was invited to do a mini performance at Apple's Keynote presentation in San Francisco three days ago. Along with playing Yellow and Viva la Vida, he also performed a full version of Wedding Bells, which was a real treat. He played these songs with just a piano.


Ping is sort of this new music-sharing thing that Apple launched three days ago where music artists can have their own profile and fans can "follow" them. Coldplay's profile has some short messages, a video (of Guy and Chris playing a new, lovely melody on a glockenspiel), and a bunch of pictures (many of which can be found on Roadie #42's blogs).


Coldplay.com got a new makeover. The two new features are the Live Transmission (where fans can upload pictures and videos they took of the Viva la Vida tour gigs) and a Hypnofeed. I don't really know what the Hypnofeed is for, but it has some very interesting links. :lol:


And there you have it! Correct me if I'm wrong or left out anything, anyone. :nice:

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