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To the KITCHEN and beyond?


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To the kitchen and beyond... Carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear amazes gardener



By Daily Mail Reporter

Last updated at 8:19 AM on 6th September 2010



Until now, Clive Williams has struggled to get his grandchildren excited about vegetables.

But after finding Buzz Lightyear in his back garden, he shouldn’t have that problem again.

Clive, 68, made the remarkable find while rooting around his back garden for some food for dinner.


article-0-0B0C075E000005DC-173_634x722.jpg Grandfather Clive Williams was shocked to discover the spitting image of the Toy Story character while digging up his vegetable patch


article-0-0A51C1DE000005DC-465_306x460.jpg The real thing: The Toy Story character has become a children's favourite


The retired electrical engineer immediately ran inside to show his three grandchildren the strangely shaped vegetable.

Clive, from Henley-on-Thames, Oxon, said: 'My wife Jane had asked for some carrots from the garden so I pulled a few out from the soil.

'When I saw this strange vegetable, the resemblance to Buzz Lightyear hit me straight away and I just thought "my gosh".

'I've never seen any of the Toy Story films but it was uncanny, it dawned on me immediately.

'I ran inside and said to the grandchildren, "I've got a competition, who can guess which Disney character this is?", immediately they all shouted "Buzz Lightyear!".

'I've grown carrots for about ten years and there is particularly stoney ground where we live, so the veggies sometimes tend to fork.

'However, we've never seen anything like this, I couldn't get over how much it looked like Buzz.'

Buzz Lightyear is a toy space ranger from the Toy Story films and voiced by Tim Allen.

Clive's grandson, Max Tait, eight, from Guildford, Surrey, said: 'Granddad came in and asked us who the carrot looked like.

'We all shouted "Buzz Lightyear" straight away.'

Funny shaped vegetables appears to be a recurring theme just lately - who could forget the U.S.S. Starship Enterprise-shaped potato spotted at a gardening show in Shepton Mallet last week.

Amateur gardener Peter Glazebrook pulled up the giant spud - weighing a whopping 8lb 4oz.


article-1309199-0B073D0A000005DC-319_634x432.jpg World's biggest: Vegetable enthusiast Sandy Davies with Peter Glazebrook's 8lb 4oz potato at the National Gardening Show




article-1309199-00D3EB7000000190-753_306x179.jpg Iconic: The Starship Enterprise pictured in the 1979 Star Trek film. The world record-breaking potato bears an uncanny resemblance to it



The spud, which was unveiled at the National Gardening Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, weighs 9oz more than the previous record holder.

Mr Glazebrook, 66, is now awaiting verification from the Guiness Book of World Records.

He said: 'The secret to success is starting with the right seed.

'It's learning how to grow them and putting a lot of effort in and picking up tips from other growers and reading what you can about it.'

The retired chartered surveyor, from Northampton, has previously hit the headlines for his over-sized veg.




Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1309199/The-carrot-infinity--Buzz-Lightyear-shaped-vegetable-amazes-gardener.html#ixzz0yjRLuWFg

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