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Desperate Housemates?


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Desperate housemates: Big Brother stars nobody can remember turn out for party celebrating the end of the show



By Jody Thompson

Last updated at 4:40 PM on 24th September 2010



It's not often a nightclub hosts a self-help group - but last night, London's Embassy was full of fame-hungry wannabes from the Big Brother Failures Club.

A host of vaguely familiar but ultimately unnamed faces flocked to the nightspot for one last fling in front of the camera lenses before disappearing back into obscurity forever.

There was even a refugee from Britain's Got Talent - DJ Talent - there to commiserate with his fellow fame underachievers. Can you name these party guests? Answers at the bottom of the story....






Quiz time!: 1. She's the one-armed former lesbian who was in 2007's Celebrity Big Brother by dint of the fact she's the mother of one of the most famous Big Brother contestants of all time. 2. He got into a fight whilst dressed as a clown on BB5







On the left: 3. She was the annoying, deliberately 'wacky' one from BB11 and on the right 4. she was the annoying deliberately 'wacky' one from BB9 who went on and on about cookies thinking it was cute. It wasn't.


Comedian Leigh Francis was also at the Mayfair club in his guise as Z-list celebrity obsessive Keith Lemon - presumably to take the mickey out of proceedings on his Celebrity Juice show at a late date.






In tragic scenes, BB11's Shabby desperately tried to attract attention by making rude gestures at cameras outside.

The late Jade Goody's mother Jackiey Budden tried to kiss an alarmed-looking Victor Ebuwa from BB5 and the last-ever Ultimate Big Brother.


article-1314860-0B53D8BE000005DC-621_468x562.jpg Guest 5: From BB10, she left home aged 24 to become an international rock star - she failed







Housemate 6: On the left, the medical student from this year's BB11, on the right, 7, a former boyband obsessive, she had a relationship with fellow BBC9 housemate Luke after leaving the house who now has a career on adult TV








Guests 8 and 9: On the left - both were on BB10 and originally from Pakistan but grew up in the UK, whereas on the right, BB9's guest 10 was originally from the UK but grew up in the U.S.


Meanwhile, rapper Lady Sovereign from this year's Celebrity Big Brother, who releases her new album next year, was arguably aside from Francis one of the few people at the event with a career outside of reality TV.

An unofficial event, it was hosted by BB8's Billi Bhatii. He gushed afterwards: 'I'm delighted with tonight's turn out.'

Also at the bash was self-described Z-lister, BB8's Gerry Stergiopoulos.


article-1314860-0B54011D000005DC-958_468x841.jpg Guest number 10: Bizarrely reached the semi finals of Britian's Got Talent in 2009







Last hurrah: (From l-r) Northerner guest 12 was on this year's BB along with 13 and 15, whereas 14 was in Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year








Final chapter: Both housemates 16 on the left and 17 on the right were in the last-ever series of Big Brother this summer


He said: 'It's so good to be here and see friends I haven't seen in years. It's not always about seeking fame.'

Which is just as well really, as most of Britain still don't have a clue who he is.

Also at the bash were teddy-bear loving Jonty from BB8, plus BB9's Rex Newmark, Kathreya Kasisopa, Mohamed and their former albino and wannabe rapper housemate Darnell Swallow, who 'performed' live.

Big Brother was broadcast for the last time on Channel 4 on Friday 10 September.

However, TV station Five is currently in talks to resurrect the show in some form next year.

The answers are: 1. Jackiey Budden 2. Victor Ebuwa 3. Shabby Kathadourian

4. Kathreya Kasisopa 5. Angel McKenzie 6. Sunshine Martyn 7. Rebecca 'Bex' Shiner 8. Beinazir Lasharie 9. Hira Habibsha 10. Darnell Swallow 11. DJ Talent 12. Corin Forshaw 13. Mario Mugan14. Lady Sovereign 15. Sam Pepper 16. Nathan Dunn and finally 17. JJ

Could you name them all? If so, congratulations! You are Brian Belo.



Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1314860/Big-Brother-stars-remember-turn-party-celebrating-end-show.html#ixzz10TY0erB8

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