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Technicolor Liver

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the first list seems to be a list of songs, I could read...


Life in T (I think)

Violet Hill






when they go upstairs, it looks like a daily schedule

in blue ink: Chris

in red ink: Jonny

in green ink: Guy (not sure,though)

but I can't really see what it's written for each of them.

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ok, they're also songs.

it goees like this: ¡ Viva La Vida!



Life in technicolor / Lovers in Japan

Cemetries of London / ?

Yes / Sleep Chant

Reign of Love / Viva La Vida

Glass of Water / Lukas

Lost / Prospekt's March/Poppyfields

? / Famous Old Painters

Rainy Day / Thought you might be a ghost (42)

? / Death and all his friends

? / Lost ?



I can't see the rest. The other board says "welcome to the Bakery" and it has their faces drawn on it with their names.


Maybe someone else will be able to make out the rest, I'm sure they have done this before when the interviews came out. :laugh3:

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I love his personality in the first vid. "if will wants to paint a picture of a pony" lol


you never question Will :laugh3:


I love when he's showing the studio and says something like "this is Guy's area, where he stands and looks handsome. And this is Jonny's area, where he stands and looks at Guy." :lol:

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