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Since this is a predominantly female board I was just wandering how many of you girls game?


i.e. Playstation, Gamecube, X-Box, PC etc...


im spending silly amounts of time on Final Fantasy X on the PS2 atm so I was thinking of asking Ian to make a Gaming section on the board only 1 person conversations could get boring so i'm just curious...



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I have a nintendo 64 and I only bought that to play Zelda the Ocarina of Time.


If my original nintendo still worked, I'd probably be playing the first Zelda.


But I like to stick to the classics of Pong, Pac Man, and space invaders...


Wow that made me sound really really old. :oops:

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i have a playstation and my brother has the ps2 which i find myself playing more often


he's into the extreme sports games like the skateboarding ones


*i'm good on tony hawk 4* hehe

all time favorite

resident evil (all of them) :P

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<--- GEEK!


Hmm, I can relate to this topic :)


I finished off FFX with my fiance quite a while ago...I can't wait for FFX 2, because I was actually really into the first one...I play a fair amount of Civ III (as well as II and I, in their days) and I am also big into first person shooters...I dare any girl to try me at Unreal Tournament...maybe even the guys...:) :roll:


No wonder my honey loves me :)

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Sometimes I'll play with my nephew games on PlayStation 2 like Grand Theft but I try not to run over people or anything like that.
i try to get as many cops as i can get to chase me without getting stopped :D :P
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