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Coldplay at Sonisphere Festival 2011 in Knebworth?


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you know Sonisphere is a touring festival, right? it's here in Finland too...maybe Coldplay could play their first gig in finland while they're at it :whistle:


right :surprised: i just remembered that festival was confirmed to be place in Portugal as well :| and Iron Maiden are already confirmed so :|


edit: iron maiden are not still confirmed yet,rumours :shifty:

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Knebworth is famous for having massive acts to play there (Led Zepplin, Queen, Oasis, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney, Elton John etc.) but the past 2 years it's held Sonisphere. I know that other bands have been asked to play this so hopefully they're bringing back Knebworth Festival and hopefully Coldplay are playing!

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