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  1. Thanks for the advice, Sir Snore. :sleeping:
  2. Damen was like smoking a joint and I was like ''hey man that's cool'' so we went out drinking and stuff. and then he was like ''shall we go for a drive'' and i was like cool yeah. And he showed me all these new songs and it was crazy
  3. Far too boring, did not read.
  4. Yeah pretty wierd huh? I met them too and we hung out for like 3 hours.
  5. Here are some photos I took at Margate WOW it was amazing
  6. Haven't been here for a while but those videos are fantastic :D I checked the setlist and you got one hell of a set! So many epic rares and I thought that the Brixton gigs had good setlists! :P I'm especially jealous of Of Walking Abortion, they don't play that very often :o... I got my tickets to the O2 but I'm going on my own because I bought a standing ticket thinking that it would take weeks to sell out. Can't believe it could be the last time they'll ever play :(
  7. Yup he was epic. He borrowed my pen and got really stressed about getting it back to me :D Then Dom came over and borrowed it, very surreal experience :P
  8. Me too... I'm trying to think of any possible way that I could get there and back. Birmingham isn't the easiest to get back to London from because it's too far to get back in time to use public transport and I can't afford to stay up there :thinking: I'm going to try anyway :P
  9. Ahhh wish I could get to one of those gigs! Love the avatar btw Gutless Wonder :D
  10. A friend gave me their original EP because he thought I might like them, still got it :) Gorillaz
  11. Well I went to Denmark Street (which has some of the best music shops in the world in) and I went into one of the shops and I coincidently met 3 guys from my class there and I turned around and Jeff was there checking out guitars. And I thought to myself :stunned: I KNOW YOU!... and I kinda followed him out as he was leaving and had a quick chat :P But the conversation went something like: Me: Jeff! *Jeff turns around* Me: Hows it going?? What are you doing here? Jeff: Just checking out guitars man. Me: Not happy with your Jag? Jeff: Yeah it's cool, just checking out what they've got
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