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i go to see a movie if the plot seems interesting, with no more preference although generally are about some event that change their lives or something like that, though i tend to like stories related with some mystery or kind of quest, or simply normal lifes of people which are kinda artistical or inspiring. :thinking:

i just go for the people involved in the project (director, scriptwriter) if i like their previous works.

some movie trailers made me go see disappointing movies, eg. Salt. :|

i don't use to follow sagas but if are related with some mystery and detectives (eg. Bourne).

i used to be more interested and updated in cinema a lot long ago.

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I do not watch mvoies often. But when I do I like movies like lord of the rings, starwars, haryr potter. ((is that what this topic was suspposed to be about? ))


not really for this thread, and you movies prefered to you ? :)


but now ennoy me a little my friend have put Spiderman on the wall..... :(





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