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I feel so guilty, says mother of Britain's fattest teenager


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I feel so guilty, says mother of Britain's fattest teenager as Georgia, 17, hits 40st



By Claire Bates

Last updated at 4:07 PM on 22nd February 2011



The mother of Georgia Davis, who has faced an agonising yo-yo diet battle and now weighs a quarter-ton, today admitted she feels guilty about her daughter's colossal size.


Lesley, 56, who herself weighs 18st, said: 'I feel guilty, of course I do.


'Georgia now has trouble walking. When we walk along together, she gets out of breath after a few steps. It worries me sick.'

The 17-year-old from Aberdare, south Wales, faces an early death unless she takes urgent action to tackle her weight.



article-1325509-0BDC664F000005DC-164_634x607.jpg Georgia Davis, from Aberdare, south Wales, when she weighed 34stone. She finds it difficult to face up to the reality of her size


But her mother said Georgia is unwilling to face up to her problem and spends her days sitting in her room chatting to her friends on social networking sites.

In the past, Lesley admitted she fed Georgia condensed milk when she wouldn't drink regular milk as an infant and feeding her potatoes instead of baby food.

However, she said she had made a determined effort to change their diets since Georgia returned from a U.S. health farm - such as making her own chips instead of buying them from the takeaway.

However, she said Georgia simply went out and ate junk food with her friends.


She told The Sun: 'People will blame me. But you can't watch your children 24 hours a day.'


She added that promised help from the NHS - from free gym membership to a personal trainer - had not materialised.

Yesterday, Georgia admitted her weight gain depresses her so much that she responds by eating even more.

The 5ft 6in teenager said: 'I try not to think about it too much, otherwise I panic and it makes my eating problem worse - but I do know it's serious.'




Two bowls of cornflakes, 2 slices of toast, 2 glasses of coke


Fish & chips (with 2 portions of fish), 4 slices of bread and butter, 2 glasses of coke




Spaghetti bolognese with cheese, 1 packet of biscuits


2 Snickers



Miss Davis, who covers up her bedroom mirror so she can avoid seeing herself, only manages to get out of the house once a week and regularly eats junk food for lunch.


'Of course people stare, but I don't care what they think any more - I'm used to it,' she told the Sun.

Just a few years ago, the outlook was far brighter for the teenager. In August 2008, a 33st Georgia was told by doctors to 'lose 20 stones or die'.

Spurred into action, Georgia attended a £3,600-a-month Wellspring diet academy in the US for nine months, during which time she shrank to 18st and beat her Type 2 diabetes.


She was seen by behavioural coaches, food psychologists and fitness trainers and encouraged to walk 10,000 steps every day.







She returned to the UK in June 2009 to look after her mother who has a heart condition.

At the time the energised student was optimistic about her chances of success and vowed to drop a further seven stone.

She said:‘I used to look at myself in the mirror and cry. Now I smile and say, “Yeah, I like myself”.

'I like my face and I like the way my body is shaped. The world is my oyster and I feel I can achieve anything.'

But today Georgia admitted the omens were not promising when she returned home.

'When I arrived my mum said she hadn't had time to prepare any healthy food so we had fish and chips instead,' Georgia said.

'For that moment on, I had a niggling feeling that things weren't going to work out.'

article-1325509-0BDC2960000005DC-222_634x415.jpg The teenager appeared on TV show Good Morning America in 2009 after losing 15st - but she has since piled it all back on


Ms Davis said she had enjoyed playing sport in America but that the same facilities weren't available in her home town and she couldn't afford to join the local gym.

'I soon found I was becoming less mobile, just like before,' she said.

The youngster has strenuously defended herself from accusations that she is lazy, although she admits her weight gain is her own fault.

She said at the camp she had been in a controlled environment where she consumed 1,500 calories a day. However, at home she felt isolated as neither her family nor her friends were sticking to a healthy eating plan.

'This is my problem and I know I have to solve it again,' she told The Sun.

'But I'm only human and I'd be lying if I said I didn't need support.'

At her slimmest, Georgia had a normal life expectancy of 80 years, but at her current weight she is not expected to live past 20.


Georgia said she wants more help from the NHS, saying her problem is no different from drug or alcohol addiction.

The troubled teenager said: 'I know I'm probably eating myself to death again but at the moment I can't face up to it.'

A spokeswoman from the Cwm Taf Health Board, responsible for Georgia's health said they couldn't comment on individual cases.

However, she added: 'We take our responsibility for all our patients extremely seriously and provide all the necessary support.'


article-1325509-0BDCC969000005DC-410_634x422.jpg Georgia was so delighted with her weight loss in 2009 that she shared her story on GMTV. However, she was unable to keep a healthy regime going




Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1359071/Britains-fattest-teenager-Georgia-Davis-40st.html#ixzz1EizO9mU9

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The big trouble for society will be if it ends up not being newsworthy anymore, which is possibly already the case in the U.S.

After watching Jamie Oliver's U.S. schooldinners series, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

That was alarming to say the least!:stunned:

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