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Movement Electronic Music Festival - Detroit

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Is ANYBODY here going to this?!?



May 28-30, 2011







69 (Carl Craig)

Fatboy Slim

Felix Da Housecat

Green Velvet

Kerri Chandler

Sven Väth


Adam Beyer


Loco Dice

Marc Houle

Richie Hawtin

Victor Calderone


Al Ester

Aril Brikha

Bruce Bailey

Claude Young

DJ T-1000



Aux 88

Flying Lotus

Gaslamp Killer





Ben Klock

James Zabiela

Marcel Dettmann

Monolake Surround

Paul Kalkbrenner

Venetian Snares


Plus plenty of others... http://www.paxahau.com/festival/index1.php/?page_id=6

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The schedule has just been announced! Flying Lotus is performing on Monday (which is frankly a bit of a surprise). This actually might work to my benefit though; my husband might actually be able to get that day off (there's no way he could take the weekend off).



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By the looks of it, I'm only reporting to myself, but I'll do it anyway. :tongue:





I went to the first day of the festival (Saturday) mainly to familiarize myself with the layout of the stages and such, since I want to get a good idea of where I want to be on Monday night when Flying Lotus performs. I've been to downtown Detroit, but I haven't actually been to Hart Plaza on the riverfront so it was nice to go there. You get a really nice view of Canada from Hart Plaza. (Eh.)


With the type of ticket had, I was able to go to the side/above some of the stages, but unfortunately that didn't apply to the stage that Fly Lo is going to be performing on Monday. Bummer.


As I walked to one of the stages, I noticed that one of the performers had just finished their set. He was greeting some of the fans and taking pictures, and passing out some CDs. I didn't go up to him because I had no clue who it was so I would have felt a little weird. According to the schedule, it was likely JPLS. This was the guy onstage after him, still I'm not even sure who this was.




I took a "discreet" photo of the crowd just to get a picture of a lady holding a little baby with pink protective earphones on (toward the bottom/middle of the picture). Cute, but... I'm not sure I'd want to bring a baby there. You can also see a boat in the background, there were little boat tour parties that you could go on and they would cruise by the festival.





Here's a front and back view of one of the other stages. There wasn't really anyone "performing" at the time, just playing random stuff.







And this is the stage that Fly Lo will be performing at on Monday. At this point I was standing all the way in the back, but I could still see the stage, so that's good. But ideally I'm going to try to be on the bottom of the "pyramid" stand on the left. I walked around on that, and although the bottom of it was full, I could tell that would probably be the best view if I'm able to get to it on Monday (other than front row, of course). Crossing my fingers!





And I must say, some of the wardrobe choice of the attendees were rather interesting. In the picture above, toward the upper left, there's a guy wearing a full-body black spandex outfit (that includes the head). With some sort of asian teepee hat, not sure what it's called. Quite a few scantily-clad dressed girls with fluorescent fur boots, one girl even dressed as a unicorn, and in the picture below you can see a "blue man" with bright pink shorts. The picture below shows a little area set aside for drunken doodling, there was plenty of colored chalk for people to use. :tongue:





I decided to leave before nighttime, and I noticed that the line to get into the festival was longer than when I got there, as you can see below. :sick: Based on that, now I really don't know when I should get there on Monday to try to get a good spot for Fly Lo's performance (keep in mind there will be other performers on that stage throughout the day, so people will be coming and going).





And then just for shiggles, here's a couple of random Detroit photos on the corner there, at the intersection of Woodward Avenue.





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!!!!!!! looks awesome

have fun!

Yes, it was fun! Really hot and humid on Monday though, especially considering it's not even summer yet. It was in the 90s (around 33C).


I'll try to post some videos in the next few days.


Fly Lo admitted he was high on stage, he said, "Man I'm so fucked up right now. But y'all encourage it." And then in a really mousey voice said, "And that's why I like y'all so much." I think his set was supposed to end at 11:30, but he played until the venue cut off the sound due to the "noise curfew" at midnight. He incorporated some songs I never would have expected, like 90s R&B (Jodeci).


And I didn't realize he was originally from Detroit, he said he was so happy to come "home". :wacko:

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I didn't know you like electro!!! :awesome:

Did you see Paul Kalkbrenner last year?

His brother's music is even better IMO...

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrwHUs54Cd8]Fritz Kalkbrenner - Wes ( Original Mix ) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDW2sCYyfK0]Fritz Kalkbrenner - Right In The Dark - YouTube[/ame]


Didn't know Mr. Oizo was still doing work!


Do you know AKA AKA?

This is my favourite set so far:

[ame=http://soundcloud.com/aka-aka/aka-aka-60311]AKA AKA djset @ U60311 by AKA AKA on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]


And I like this song a lot:

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpQKt8YKL_c]Dirty Doering - I Would - YouTube[/ame]

:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Movement Named Resident Advisor’s #1 Festival in May



Resident Advisor counted down ten of the best festivals taking place around the globe this May and Movement Detroit was voted number one!


Top 10 May 2012 Festivals


#10. Villette Sonique

#9. Southport Weekender

#8. International Music Summit

#7. Primavera Sound

#6. Life Festival

#5. Rainbow Disco Club

#4. FutureEverything

#3. Nuits Sonores

#2. Mutek

#1. Movement Electronic Music Festival




“Taken as a whole, Memorial Day Weekend in Detroit is a pretty special thing. You have the obvious history—a celebration of the city that birthed so much of the electronic music we hold dear. You have the festival—an event that somehow strikes that careful balance between pleasing the masses as well as earning respect from heads. And you have the afterparties—a collection of events that will remind anyone of just how special an intimate gig with an enormous soundsystem can be. Where (or when) else are you going to go into a record store and see Mad Mike talking to DJ Harvey and Serge from Clone? This year, the festival proper will once again appeal to fans of all genre affiliations: Do FaltyDL, Damian Lazarus, Todd Terje, Photek, Marcellus Pittman, Juan Atkins and Carl Craig whet your appetite? No problem. There are more than 50 other names to choose from.




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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8HcI4-mV3w]Movement 2013 Official Trailer | May 25-27 Detroit, Hart Plaza - YouTube[/ame]



Both the first and second wave of tickets (regular admission and VIP) have already sold out! Can't wait to see this year's lineup...

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