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Syrian Revolution

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I don't understand why people aren't paying as much attention to the revolution in Syria as much as the ones that happened in Tunis and Egypt! If Basshar Al Assad's regime falls it would have more impact on the region than all the previous revolutions, Syria is, supposedly, Israel's biggest enemy/threat right now because it's directly linked to Iran and it provides Hezbollah with arms and ammunitions (the fuckers:angry:)...when Basshar is overthrown all that is going to change, i cannot imagine the impact that change is going to have given how much power Syria has right now!

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If the gov gets overthrown be sure there is a new one to replace it right away that can achieve the best outcome and goals. If this doesn't happen then these govs maybe replaced by the military or a worse gov. This has happened many times in history. I feel very frightened about too many revolutions taking place at once.

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I feel like I get a lot of coverage of the revolutions in Syria and Yemen in the german and the two international papers that I usually flip through/ read.

It isn't as emotional as the coverage of the Egyptian and Libyan (ugh, I had written Lybian before :p) uprisings though. The inscrutable dynamics of

journalism and it's writers/editors. Strange.


edit: What's actually is going on in Lebanon?

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