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  1. oh well, this didn't work. rather sexy material, though.
  2. another world- joe jackson nantes- beirut riders on the storm- the doors rid of me- pj harvey blackbird- the beatles oh yeah- can delius- kate bush abc- jackson five the gloaming- radiohead chan chan- buena vista social club
  3. down by law vs. breakfast at tiffany's
  4. it seems kind of 'ended' to me ... been able to put one of your legs behind your head?
  5. as in naphtalene? spitty ooh salted liquorice
  6. ...someone playing Assassin's Creed Rogue
  7. ^ great font, man CHRISTIAN BALE
  8. lonh- kaija saariaho the modern things- björk femme fatale- velvet underground and nico the colour of the earth- pj harvey sweet road- animal collective go slowly- radiohead chicago- sufjan stevens moon trills- jonny greenwood sun king- the beatles ****s are still running the world- jarvis cocker
  9. more pointed I suppose did you ever have a bird sit on your hand?
  10. swallow grilled marshmallow
  11. the tree don't know what the little bird sings ...breathe it in.. there's no need to forgive and we know who you are and we know where you live and we know there's no need to forgive..again
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