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hey, glad to be here :)

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hey, I am yu-tong, and I come from Taiwan. I'm so expected Coldplay could come to Taiwan for having a concert or something. but you know, this dream never come true. I really hope someday it can be real.


Recently, I am totally addicted to Coldplay. Although I have heard them before, I never had an interest to dig more information. Now, I have great passion on them, never get bored. And I found they are really at pains to all things, that's what I feel. I DO LOVE THEIR ATTITUDE. :cool:


I'm happy to be here and find more Coldplay. :rolleyes:


ah... Coldplay, everything is awesome, great performances, good looking, brilliant interviews, and perfect music. BUT I have to say/complain I am a little disappointed to Albums. Maybe I am not used to having albums with no lyrics. (I hate EMI. :thinking:)




I spent a lot of time on searching stores which are sold Coldplay's albums. Because once a band becomes famous, their albums aren't easy to find. I'm so lucky that I can have them. :P


There's something weird that I'd like to say, James Morrison is my favorite singer and Coldplay is my favorite band. Both of them are truly important to me. Because of James, I know the first Coldplay's member Chris Martin, haha. They are very different and it's easy to tell who he is, isn't it?


Especially for Coldplay, I have the true feeling to learn what a band is like. In a band, every role is important. btw, Chris and Guy are so charming. :") Jonny and Will are cool. :cool:


Shaun of the Dead is so funny that I'd love to watch it again and again. At first, I watched it because of Chris, but he shows up only two seconds, so does Jonny. Anyway, I found an amazing person Simon Pegg. He is so cute. lol


I hope all you coldplaying guys could understand what I am trying to express. English is not my first language, so I'm afraid expressing is not clear.


Thanks for your reading.


Yu-tong xxx

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