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  1. Karen, thanks for the picture! And you are welcome! :D And to lovey Lydia (LaPinkman), i actually got the present before 4 December. Sorry I forgot and I was busy with my schoolwork, final exams and everything. Now, I am in winter vacation(Chinese new year is coming!). I want to say I really love the card you sent and the extra letter! :) Thank you so so so much!!!!! I find out we have many interests in common! Spain is a country which I would like to visit because I support Real Madrid (hope you are not a fan of Barcelona. but it's okay if two teams are not on the field at the same matc
  2. it's been a while that i haven't visited coldplaying site. i don't know whats wrong with me. I still love Coldplay but im not really a crazy fan at any more? i need to get my passion back. :)
  3. it's been a long time i haven't showed up here. I got problem of viewing this. :cry:
  4. I received the card! It is the best gift from such a cold day. And it rained a lot. Thank you so much Karen(Karencorpse)! :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:
  5. Happy Halloween!!!! It's crossover which includes Doctor Who: Doctor and Master, X-Men: First Class: Charles and Erik. :nice: ( )
  6. The Escape Artist 1x01 I was so shocked in the end. :|
  7. 1. There are so many amazing actors I have crush on this year! (which also means that I want to watch all their works: movies, tv series, audiobooks, etc) Mads Mikkelsen, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, David Tennant, and John Simm. Thank you for bringing me such good time. :dazzled: 2. Learn second and third foreign languages, German and French. 3. Muse is awesome. 4. Make myself know that things do not always go my way. 5. Love literature. 6. Skateboard 7. Know new people who have the same interests like me on Twitter 8. Write fanfics 9. Went to the gig for All Time Low 10. I
  8. Welcome and have fun here Lex. :nice:
  9. I just finished reading Hannibal Rising. It's better than the movie. :awesome: And now I am going to read In the Shadow of the Master: Classic Tales by Edgar Allan Poe and Essays by
  10. ^ The feels. :bigcry: DW The Snowmen (Christmas special)
  11. Doctor Who 7x05 The Angels Take Manhattan I cried in the end. :bigcry:
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