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Hi, I'm Dave :)


I've been following this site for a little while now, and now felt the urge to join in. My favourite album is Viva la Vida, and my favourite Coldplay songs include Don't Panic, Yellow, Life is for Living [2011], The Scientist, Talk, Swallowed in the Sea, Lost?, Lovers in Japan, Viva la Vida, Violet Hill, The Goldrush and LiT ii - to name a few! To be honest though, there's not really a song by the lads that I wouldn't listen to.


Going from the 2011 live performances, I'm looking forward to the new album very much. My favourites from LP5 look to be Charlie Brown (instant classic!), Princess of China, MX/Hurts Like Heaven and Us Against the World. I don't dislike ETiaW, it's certainly a "rockin'" tune, just not up with the birds others in my opinion.


Anyway, that's everything I know :cool: I look forward to meeting you all :D



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