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I'm happy, so I'm posting a sappy thread about it


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Okay so I posted a thread a while back called 'I STILL LOVE HER' (I bumped it and it should be on the same page as this thread actually), about how I used to really like this girl and we stopped talking, I got depressed about it because I missed her and so on, if you wanna know the story then check it out. But in the month I stopped posting on here I ended up going out more, I got things sorted, I met some new people and things are finally looking great :D


I know it may seem dumb, but I'm really happy and I thought it'd make a change considering my previous thread. Plus it's good to share happiness :3 I'd like to hear from other people who have been through this, since I imagine there'd be a lot of other people who have been through this, it's a common experience I'd imagine. :)

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