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Intro Songs before Show Starts


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Hey, everybody.


I'm looking for a certain song that was played at Coldplay's UCLA SummerKrush gig. I'm sure it was played at all the other 2011 gigs as well.


It was an instrumental track played right before the Back 2 The Future intro started.


Does anyone know any of the songs that were played before the show started?


I got there late and was only able to hear Gorillaz "Kids with Guns" and JayZ "99 Problems"

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Hi, there was this thread for the previous tour:


Maybe you'll find something in there.


I can't really remember the songs that were played before they came on stage at the festivals I went to. :embarrassed:

Maybe someone else can help you on this one... I'm pretty sure though that it'll turn out to be a Jon Hopkins song. :)

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Yeah, I checked that thread already.


That was the Viva tour though. They've changed the songs.


Not sure if it's a Jon Hopkins song. The song I'm referring to isn't really ambient.


It almost sounds like a Coldplay song.

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