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Distortion problem

Alien Radio

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So, I play guitar for 3 years, but I've never got this problem before. When I plug in my electric guitar (ESP / LTD Eclipse 401) into my 'house' amplifier (Laney LG20R) everything is alright. When I use distortion (drive) effect on the amplifier and then turn drive again off, my guitar sound will still be distorted. Turning amplifier off and on, doesn't help. Changing the cable or plugging in to another amp also doesn't help. Are there any guitar experts on this forum that could know what's the problem?


Thanks a lot. :)

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You have an extra On/Off-Button and a control dial for the "drive", is that true?

And the drive effect even doesn't stop, although the On/Off Button for the effect is set to "off"?


I've got a similar problem with my Fender amp. The cause might be a loose contact behind the On/Off-Button of the drive.

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