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should have done this long ago


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i joined this board a long time ago. i was selfish then and didn't bother to introduce myself. i was only interested in the downloads you kind people posted. i love this band so much and i found you and you posted material i couldn't get anywhere else. one of the most exciting days of my life was when i found out about the viva la vida demo's posted here

i am always hungry for new material from this band and, during the lulls between albums, you people are so kind and post so much.

this summer has been great with coldplay touring festivals and you posting each show. hearing the new material live got me so psyched for the new album. not that i wasn't already but hearing the new songs live made me that much more excited

i've been going through hard times lately. three years ago the oldest child of a friend of 30 years came to me cause he was kicked out of his home because he was a drug addict. i took him in and took on all his problems. most of his problems have to be handled with money so he has ruined me financially. i also became caretaker of my elderly father. it is the most frustrating disgusting job on the planet

but i have an escape since i am a musician too. i have a home studio and i go in there and all my life's problems melt away

i would like to think there is a coldplay influence in my music but i don't hear it. i am working on a new album and for the first time ever i wrote every song on piano. i usually only write on guitar but this time it was all piano and i wonder if it was because of the new coldplay songs i was hearing here. the album is all about drug addiction and my past three years

when someone is in trouble i think you love them more

and when i look at him

i hear coldplay


fix you

they have a big part in getting me through these hard times

and this year i will have a new coldplay ablum

and i am hoping it gets me through this winter

i'm going to need all the help i can get

so i'll probably come here more

i am isolated lately and that isn't me. but through the internet i don't have to feel isolated

and coldplay has the sweetest kindest fans in the world

so i'm going to lean on you guys in the weeks to come

and i am going to listen to coldplay a lot

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