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How do songs get leaked?


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Well in coldplay's case, EMI sends out promotional/advanced copies to interviewers and other people so that when they meet Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will, the interviewers have a better understanding of the album so they can ask questions related to the new songs. So how do they get leaked??? people distribute and copy these advanced copies.


Coldplay did an interview with the comedy duo "Hamish and Andy" last week and they talked about this. Basically they said that every copy that EMI sends out to someone is encrypted with a special code so that if a song/ the album does every get leaked, EMI could just check the code and identify the person who leaked it. Chris said that even when they were mastering the album a few weeks ago, they get sent the file by email and then a code is texted to them to access the file :)


This is the interview:


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