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[Review] Digital Spy: Mylo Xyloto (5/5)


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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin may have credited Kanye West with changing the band's perception of music, but how has this new thread of inspiration influenced their fifth studio album? It's fair to say each Coldplay record that has graced our oracular senses over the past 11 years has continued to develop the band's sense of experimentation and artistry - even if it has been dogged with the odd claim of plagiarism. So, just what is it that Coldplay have created this time out on Mylo Xyloto?


Lead single 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' gave us a glimpse of the polished-pop direction Coldplay were heading towards, fusing on-trend synth chord progressions with shimmering day-glo beats. Follow-up 'Paradise' is a rare glimpse into the band's hip-hop sensibilities, swapping guitars for organs and towering strings that are destined for a Jay-Z re-swizzle. Thankfully, the remainder of the album thrives on this more refined and burnished soundscape.


'Hurts Like Heaven' is a bouncy pop number with a backdrop of airy riffs and rawk guitars that immediately clouts you with animated joy, even though its lyrical content would suggest otherwise ("You use your heart like a weapon/ And it hurts like heaven"). Meanwhile, 'Charlie Brown' begins with eerie and ethereal ambiance, only to burst gloriously into a storming guitars and crashing drums number that only Coldplay know how to do.


Surprise Rihanna hook-up 'Princess Of China' sees the band turn their hand to a celestial R&B love story of despair with astonishing results, while unashamedly joining forces with one of pop music's biggest chart leaders. Fans and critics will question the motives behind what is easily their glossiest and most chart-friendly album yet, but Coldplay's infusion of earthy beats and empyrean melodies to create a collection of hypnotic, genre-bending material shows renewed confidence from a band unafraid to stride beyond industry expectations.





Tracks to download: 'Hurts Like Heaven', 'Charlie Brown', 'Princess Of China', 'Up In Flames'

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The rating from me is the same but I can't understand that firstly the report says that Mylo is another step on their way of experimentation and artistery (really, I support that. In comparism to Mylo AROBTTH, X&Y, Parachutes seems to be boring but nevertheless great albums) and in contrast to that the last sentence says that its the most chart-friendly record (which I want to disagree clearly).

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