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my work beckons me....


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My usual stuff that i do at work is sooooo backed-up by now!!! i got like 2 dozen filings that i need to analyze and then write a report on and send it onward!! :confused:


and then they give me a whole new project/case to work on and send me out on biz trips for that purpose... :/


and then since one of my senior engineers is really busy, she hands me 3 of her cases, allbeit small ones! :(


and now....


my boss walks in on me just typing away as hell on Coldplaying.com web site and tells me he's giving me another project and asks me to go work on it with 2 other senior engineers! :angry:


looking as this is, I think I'm just gonna not be coming on here as much for a while....which is gonna be very hard to do....but i don't wanna lose my job either!



ARGGHHHHHH!!! I'm addicted to this web site!

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