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  1. I have been trained that to be emotional (show emotion) is to be weak. :D That so doesn't sound right. I think it's probably good to be somewhat emotional. I try not to cry in public. No way would I do that.
  2. soleil

    Arts or science?

    Yeah, I agree with pepa. You gotta do what makes you happy in the end, 'cause you're gonna have to spend most of your time at your job, and if you don't like what you do.. it's gonna be hard. Arts sounds like fun. I did science. I guess I know I will always have a job, so that's a plus. :)
  3. Is Nathan the new Albie? I haven't been on this forum in sooooo long..
  4. how old is buble? i'm assuming he's older.. lot's of older guys try to go out with younger chics. i don't get it
  5. so according to that graph, i can date someone as old as 45 yo and as young as 23??? that is quite a range there
  6. nothing. but tell me: is it worth it to read the harry potter books???? tell me now!!!! :)
  7. i used to think i was an okay driver.. now i don't know.. managed to bash the front of my car like a month ago now yesterday i drove into this other lady while getting out of a parking space.. but it seemed like it was all her fault.. i was only going like less than 5 miles per h and probably started backing out before her..
  8. just procrastinate and don't study.. so you can be all nervous and excited the day your test score comes.. to see if you got a good score or not.. and then the wait will be excruciatingly painful at best!!! prove to yourself that you can wing it!!
  9. probs old people like coldplay. i would assume, but who knows.. i am 27 and been listening since 2002!
  10. :lol: oh man, this was from such a long time ago!! the good 'ol days.. :\:)
  11. do you by any chance have a pdf version of these? i tried to upload sibelius and it just isn't working on my computer.. :dozey:
  12. probs like 90 degrees in house.. HOT. dying..:\
  13. :freak::wacko: omg, i (well, me and my sis) would love to meet them.. if any of y'alls have any info about whereabouts.. :wink3:
  14. 11:53 and tryingi to see if i can learn how to play hometown glory
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