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Coldplay Releases Third Single Charlie Brown


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I don't know where she got the info, the band haven't said a word about it.


Coldplay releases third single ‘Charlie Brown’


Gabriele Dow


Remember the Peanuts’ Charlie Brown? You could count on him to put a smile on your face. Coldplay named their latest single after that youthful but strong character, and painted a similar picture.


In the context of their fifth album Mylo Xyloto, “Charlie Brown” fits perfect as a song that tackles “all the boys, all the girls, all the madness that occurs” in the world. As a radio song, it is a lively, upbeat anthem with lyrics anyone can relate to and sonically is one of their best songs yet.


The album discusses the highs and lows of life and relationship, and this is definitely a high, even if it comes out of defeat. “When they smashed my heart into smithereens/ be a bright red rose come bursting the concrete,” croons Chris Martin.


The grandiosity of the music supports its uplifting lyrics, but Chris Martin does not forget to control the music with his voice, never being outdone. That formula has been a successful one throughout the years for Coldplay, and is followed to near perfection here.


The way this song is will be received by the mainstream is yet to be determined, but what is a fact is that Coldplay will help anyone who listens start their year off with a bang. “Light a fire, a fire, a spark, light a fire, a flame in my heart. We’ll run wild; we’ll be glowing in the dark.”

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