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  1. Never felt this excited for an album release since MX era!!! After Arabesque i just cannot waitttt
  2. I heard SJLT (Tokyo remix) it is live :p
  3. Australia, Adelaide! :) Ladder to the sun
  4. Oasis/ Noel Gallagher/ Beady eye Muse Radiohead Guns n' Roses Blur Green Day :) :)
  5. Coldplay Guns n' roses Oasis My Chemical romance Radiohead
  6. They can put All your friends or Ghost Story at least..... no hope for B-sides :(
  7. I Really want Oasis style album from Coldplay even though i don't see that happening
  8. 1. A Rush of blood to the head 2. Viva La Vida 3. Ghost Stories 4. Mylo Xyloto 5. X&Y 6. Parachutes But i love them all so..
  9. i'm getting mine soon, Lucky to be in Australia 1!!!
  10. Donggyun Kang

    True Love

    My Favourite song on GS probably Guitar solo feels so beautiful With Chris's voice in the song
  11. I sometimes don't get Coldplay leaving out good songs like these bonuses and like Ladder to the Sun and etc
  12. Can somebody PM me too?
  13. can someone please PM me Bonus Songs please
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