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I think this has been done before...oh well..


Christina Aguilera: Unrealistic Air Hag

Bill Gates: gets a bill

Mandy Moore: Dreamy Moon

Alec Guinness: genuine clasS

Britney Spears: Retypes Brains

Mel Gibson: Bong Smile

Mel Gibson: Big Melons

Clint Eastwood: Old West Action

Elvis: Lives

Tom Cruise: So I'm Cuter

David Letterman: Nerd Amid Late TV

Howard Stern: Retard Shown

Tyra Banks: Yanks brat

The Spice Girls: Crises Get Help

President Clinton of the USA: To Copulate he finds interns

Cindy Crawford: Fry candid crow

Judge Lance Ito: No get Juide, Lad



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Mount Shasta: Satan's Mouth

Sears Tower: Worst Rates

Disneyland: Lady sinned

Universal Studios: Industrious slave

Disney World: Old dry swine

Plymouth Rock: Holy muck port

Big Bend National Park: Abandoning bleak trip

Mount Rushmore: Mourn hero smut

Kennedy Space Center: Sentenced creep yank

The Lincoln Memorial: Manomentric lino hell

Buckingham Palace: UK cable campaign

The Great Wall of China: Altogether, chain flaw

Sydney Opera House: Up on shady eyesore

The Roman Forum: Form hot manuree

Next door neighbor: orthodox beginner

Microsoft's Internet Explorer: Complexities front ten errors

Information Superhighway: A Rough Whimper of Insanity



Kansas City: Satanic sky

Salt Lake City: Tackily stale

Boston, MA: Nob atoms

New York City: Yo, tiny wreck

New Orleans: Loner wanes

Detriot: Diet rot

Indianapolis: A sin pain idol

Dallas Texas: Sex lad atlas

Las Vegas: Gas slave

Los Angeles: Legal noses


San Jose, Costa Rica: As actors join case

Brussels, Belgium: Bless glum bruise

Paris, France: A finer scrap

Bangkok, Thailand: Had a talking knob

Taipei, Taiwan: I await ant pie

Madrid, Spain: Is damp drain

Manchester: Tense charm


Belgium: Big mule

Great Britian: Arbitrate gin

Kingdom of Denmark: God, freak mind monk

Republic of Germany: Becoming prayerful


Lake Malawi: I'm all awake

Lake Michigan: I'm a leach king

Lake Victoria: A trivial coke

Lake Huron: A hunk role

Lake Winnipeg: Wipe angel ink

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