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  1. happy birthday have a great one best wishes :)

  2. Or has this message board become more difficult to navigate around?
  3. :dozey: Ive had the same avatar for about a year and a half
  4. :o wow, how old is she now?
  5. Bah, too much Chris Martin + walking...how many videos has he strolled in? :dozey:
  6. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4625119.stm Bloody hell :cry: Rest in Peace
  7. :lol: Your avatar amuses me. Plus i agree with everything you said
  8. Haha, ive been out and about you know...hanging around. I dont actually know why, but i totally neglected this forum :cry: (not on purpose of course :P ) its just that i havent had the time recently. I sort of had a break just like le coldplay lol. soooo what have you guys been up too? Im surprised you guys remember me! I still remember you guys though. I want to change my name though haha, i rekon i was kinda teeny bopper at that stage :lol:
  9. Thankyoooooooo! How are you feefs? oooo moderator now?! the only way is up, baybeh :wink3:
  10. :lol: Yeah just for a bit, eh? Im fine thanks and you? :D
  11. Ian got married!! :o CONGRATS :D
  12. Ian got married!! :o CONGRATS :D
  13. :o Wow, ive missed so much! Nearly 10 000 posts already? You could post for England, you :wink3: Albie Flash videos? :stunned: I have two things to say: 1. He's back?! 2. I hope these flash videos arent what i think they are :inquisitive:
  14. Oh G-man, you havent changed a bit :P Still up to your old tricks? Telling jokes and stuff?
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