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Wanting to design a Coldplay room


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I've got the idea I want my room to be full of Coldplay. I know it'll take time but firstly, I don't know where to start.


Has anyone any suggestions as to what I could do? I'm wanting to draw stuff on with pencil then paint on. The beauty is if I do something wrong I can just paint over and start again!


I have access to an A4 laser printer at school which I can abuse if I want to print stuff off.


So yeah, like I say, suggestions please. Plus some resources would be nice :) I'd like to do as much as I can for free. Paying for things makes my room less unique. I'm not great at art but I can adapt :)


Thankyou fellow coldplayers

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I was thinking using cardboard, engraving the symbols out then stick on my wall & painting them. It'd make them more 3Dish.


+ I'm unsure if my tech teacher would let me use the lazer cutter for home stuff, they're expensive to run and I'm not up to speed with my school work hehe

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