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I went to the Show [Florida 2003]


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It was to my amazement that the sweet heavenly sounds of Coldplay could become extraordinary when played live. It was evidence of last night. That show was beautiful and sincerely touched me. First concert that made me reflect and think about my life . I lost myself.. It was just incredible. By far the best I've seen. It was a true reflection of coldplay. It's simplicity. Other shows are too involved with special effects that the music is forgotten. But no, the music was enhanced and was the central feature, I am moved. I thank the guys for coming all the way from UK to Florida. I went to the back of the Convocation Center to see if they could autograph my Cd. Unfortunently, not the entire band stopped by. Actually, only chris stopped to sign. I greeted Chris and gave him a handshake for his performance and he pleasantly signed my CD. While Chris extremely gifted, I also belief it takes the whole band to make Coldplay ... Coldplay. I thought the band was unbelievable. Jon was awesome. Good Job! I seriously am bummed that this band lives so far from here. I hope they come back soon. I may have failed my midterms.. lol. it was worth it..

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Another Great Show in Miami


The Coldplay Miami show was great... BUT


This Saturday night come one, come all to the Wallflower in Downtown Miami for a frolic on the waterbed of fine music. Don Kelly plays a unique style of soul-rock exhibiting his unique and coveted voice with subtle hints of Sting, Coldplay, Ron Sexsmith & Thom Yorke of Radiohead. Jared's Door will also be performing. Showtime is 10PM and tickets are $4. Wallflower Gallery is at 10 NE 3rd St., Downtown Miami. Ring them at 305-579-0069 for details. http://www.wallflowergallery.com

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