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Hey there!

Lena Berryman

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It reminds me of the song 'Hot in herre' from Nelly and Kelly Rowland :D

*It's getting hot in herre so take off all your clothes :D* Wuhu :D <3


So thank you und Danke, Diana :)


Not Guy but still Coldplay :D



I've watched it many times but it's still has the same effect on me :dazzled:

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Guest LiquidSky
Hey everyone!


I'm Lena and new here :)


Aaaaaaaaand I have something to say what everyone of you already knows: GUY BERRYMAN IS THE HOTTEST "GUY" ON EARTH :dazzled:


Sorry for screaming!;) I hope that we will have a great time here on Coldplaying :)



Your avatar :shocked2: lol but welcome Lena:)

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