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  1. Will they tour again ? Yes. The message during EL was that they did not want to tour that album and especially they wanted to reconsider the way that they organize their tours, over environmental concerns. They will definitely tour again. Now I'm not sure they're going to deliver so well on their environmental promises given that the Xylobands seem to be potentially making a comeback (based on Xylobands social media), but we'll see! They clearly intend to have a big tour for LP9 so it will be interesting to see what they change or implement during that tour.
  2. Hello everyone! This is unrelated but given that this is an active thread on Coldplay news I figured I would post here as well. Coldplaying's main twitter account has been suspended (horrible timing!). But we do have a backup! So if you're on Twitter, make sure to also follow @Coldplaying_HQ Thank you
  3. Hello everyone! Indeed, the main Coldplaying twitter account has been suspended (it's happened before but this is the worst timing possible...). Luckily we have a backup! Please [email protected]_HQ on twitter.
  4. So i already love the song despite only hearing that 25 second snippet....it's been stuck in my head. It's brilliant. I'm biased because I myself am an absolute fan of HLH and Birds so obviously this is another win for me I can't wait to hear the full song on Friday and I'm really rooting for it to take over the world If this one doesn't, then what would??????
  5. So to amend my previous theory - each symbol represents a song - each sphere represents a release. They'll definitely be the artwork for the discs of the CDs and vinyls.
  6. Being hardcore fans, so close to them, we sometimes tend to forget the scale of Coldplay's success. Coldplay were one of the biggest bands in the world in the late 2000s and definitely achieved that status in the 2010s. So it's safer to assume that the most successful producers in the world want to work with them, rather than having these producers being imposed on them. Coldplay have never hidden their ambitions for songs that work well commercially - otherwise they would have never kept Paradise - and they have always been honest about how they want to stay relevant with the curren
  7. Coldplay definitely about to take over the world again! How exciting!
  8. Yes it has been decoded 🙂 Do check out the fans google doc, everything we know or have guessed so far is in there : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Fpj1-mEXKxeQpm5GBrtL8wdIR4bDHOGRVCOsOxFoBvs/edit#
  9. The band just spent 2 years i think (or at least what feels like 2 years ) in a giant legal battle to be able to use MOTS on all sorts of merch and content. I believe that it has to be the album, or if it's not the album, then it's the tour. But Coldplay name their tour after their album....So it's gotta be it. Clearly they have extremely high expectations for Higher Power and they want to use it as much as possible, hence all the merch.
  10. To come back to the symbols theory, I now fully buy into one of the early theories, which is that they represent the singles. I believe 4 symbols represent the singles and 1 the album. Firstly, they are pretty much the only aspect of this whole concept that we haven't really cracked. The codes we deciphered, the signals and messages...all of them referred either to Higher Power or to the Coldplay universe, so we had the necessary context and keys to understand. But we haven't been able to crack the symbols properly. That must be because we don't have the elements to read them properl
  11. Very interesting! I could see it being the reference, especially coming from Chris. It feels like something he'd be into. BTW i don't know if anyone noticed, but the message on the website is back to "this joy is electric".
  12. I would call that more scary than fun to be honest and i love dogs! but this is just spooky!
  13. Yes, we know for sure Chris visited him! Question is, is that Swedish recording about Max Martin? Or is it a reference to somebody/something else?
  14. Definitely not random. I think it has to be connected to someone working on the album with them, as some other recordings are (Pilar Zeta, Rabbit Hole, maybe also Mila Fürstova) My theory was Max Martin who may be part of the producers (as we know that at least Chris visited him in Stockholm last year), but their collaboration is not confirmed at all, so it's probably somebody else, maybe someone we already know who often works them. Who could that be?
  15. Actually I believe the most logical explanation for that name is that it's actually the name of the language. We were expecting a video at some point based on the website info, so it's likely we'll get a short video of some kind, probably including a song snippet! And yeah I agree, I believe it would be cool if they used the alien radio to include some song snippets there.
  16. I just rushed to check on VLV (Violet Hill has a video) but nothing yet
  17. I must say that since the beginning (last Friday), this is the most amazing collaborative effort from coldplay fans of any coldplay release i've followed (i joined right after MX was released)! It's just wonderful and I'm sure the band are really happy about that aspect. Clearly they like having some kind of pre-launch campaign now, just for us, and they know we love it. It's so cool and so sweet!
  18. Now wait a minute folks...... if station 56 is indeed narrated by Pilar Zeta (AHFOD/EL art director from Argentine)... Could it be that the Swedish meatball recipe is a reference to Max Martin, the Swedish producer that Chris allegedly paid a visit to ????????
  19. I believe it's a fake language created for this purpose only. It looks a lot like Klingon so they probably made it up based on that and maybe other languages (real or not) . And the messages in that fake language translate to actual English.
  20. Twitter user @upwdbfly has a theory about the transmission in Portuguese and I think that's the one! Can't access the original tweet but they found that the transmission numbers sequence corresponds more or less to the Yellow ink color chart: So that transmission is definitely a reference to Yellow, I think. As per other transmissions that may be about Coldplay members/partners, this suggests that the references may not only be new songs but old ones as well!
  21. Some random person on twitter seriously posted that, and so now it's being copied as a meme (because let's face it that's hilarious )
  22. A billboard during a football game in a big stadium in Chile...now they're just showing off if you ever wonder what they did with their half a billion $ from the AHFOD tour....they're putting it all on this pre launch campaign apparently 😅
  23. Station 62/ARFM 10 : the story keeps mentioning the phrase "Hold on", which could definitely be a Coldplay lyric from another album track as well.
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