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  1. omg so i'm not the only one I'm reassured hahahaha I was going crazy looking for a day/night mode button or something 😂
  2. There are a lot of fantastic ideas here and many good points made. While they and we know the biggest impact is from people coming to the show, that is an issue that they cannot do much about and therefore I don't think their priority will be on transportation. I think they will still tour allover the world (and look at what happens when they don't, it's absolute frustration) and they will still probably resort to planes a lot, still. I think their priority will be on production : teams and equipment (from the venue and what they take with them). I think they're going to seriously look at drastically reducing the energy needed for their shows, as well as alternative solutions, using renewable energies, solar panels etc. They really like innovation and I think they will seriously look at that, at what they can use. As it was suggested with the example of Radiohead : if they can reduce the number of trucks carrying the stage and equipment, that's already a win for the environment! Same goes with their crews : they may resort more to local crews and bring less people with them all around the world. I like the idea of teaming up with another band to use the same resources. I don't know if Coldplay would really be willing to do that though. I think they will also lead campaigns with Oxfam and perhaps more organizations to raise awareness and money for the planet. I can see them negotiating a deal so that part of their proceeds goes to the projects they support. That would be the most coherent solution to Chris saying they want their tour "to be beneficial to the planet". Also I REALLY want them to change everything when it comes to their merch and I hope they finally see the light and get to choose a partner that has a decent supply chain. In any way, I think their approach is really serious, but I don't think it will solve all the problems and I don't think it will necessarily be all stuff that *we* can see (so I expect lots of disappointment already). I just trust that they are really working on it and that in itself really is better than nothing. We expect a lot from them while the rest of the world is fine with their favs doing nothing at all, so let's focus on effort first and foremost haha
  3. I agree with Batman (HI Thalia btw :heart_eyes:) that the song has strong LGBTQ+ support vibes, ESPECIALLY considering that flags themselves are a huge part of how these communities have raised awareness over the years, and the lyrics about wanting to be free to be yourself.... Now obviously this sort of Coldplay song never has one meaning only, it could also totally be about flags as nationalities, and anyway I think this song is to be understood in the broader sense (whoever you are, be yourself and love yourself and love truly without caring about what anyone thinks). It's really about empathy once again. I think the lyrics are so powerful and beautiful, it's such a warm hug really. I love the Travis feel to it too. It feels lighter than the rest of the album. I don't think it matches the album so well though, musically, and I totally get why it's not in the main edition. But it's a great addition and I'm glad they released it somewhere somehow, I'm really grateful.
  4. Coeurli

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    A quick search on Wikipedia and I did not find anything interesting on the number 2024, but on the 2024 I did find that there is a total solar eclipse expected to happen on April 8 2024..... Seems like a stretch, and quite possibly a coincidence but.... Everyday Life was also announced via an eclipse date.... edit : although eclipses aren't exactly a rarity so that does seem like a stretch lmao
  5. Coeurli

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Yeah, it's definitely weird.... So 2024 could mean anything else, it does not have to be a date...
  6. Coeurli

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Perhaps the licence plate code is not a date, or simply the year 2024... Like, a reference to the future ? On Twiter, I Ran Away guessed "Fast Forward to Future" Also I anticipate a retro-futuristic style for that era, especially given the font and the ancient inspiration...
  7. Oh yeah, but i don't even think about it because that's something that they have never done (despite what so many people say), and that I woud not see them try anyway. Especially now, it's so clear that they have reached all their goals and do not care whatsoever about how their material is received. Yes, but I mean, they did reach it eventually as you say, so they did all reach #1 and if sales matter, that one matters more than achieving it specifically in the 1st week imo.
  8. AAAAh thank you for clarifying that omg!!!!! I always thought it as Chris' own voice (it sounds lie him), but after seeing Jacob Collier's credit in the song among the backing vocals, I just assumed that I was wrong all along and it was him! Now i understand!!!
  9. Brilliant work by Davide! I love how it's not just an intrusmental intro, it's a full song, and it's a full story. It reminds me of Life is beautiful (the movie). It's a perfect opener for this album.
  10. Ok so first let's set the record straight, the distorted voice belongs to Jacob Collier, the (young) jazz phenomenon, not Crazy Frog lmao :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Another brilliant example of Coldplay extrapolating from another genre. Also contains some of my favourite lyrics from the album : "For your miracles outnumber all the stars out in the sky" Beautiful! And it's super catchy. It was legit stuck in my head for an entire day. It was reported the song has a video (I think it's in the Sunday times interview), I assume it'll be released end of year or early next year ? It was directed by Dakota Johnson, should be interesting.
  11. Mygod this one is so sweet. Tiwa Savage's voice beautifully compliments the song. Great lyrics too. The last verse kills you Joseph rode in on a beam of light Dreamed of his Queen by his side There'll be a beautiful sunset And you'll be a beautiful bride :sob: :sob: :sob:
  12. In the studio version, Chris is rambling for most of it. In the live version however, he actually finished the lyrics and therefore sings it all! I LOVE how they gave us an actual draft, a demo, that's really cool. Haven't we been begging them for demos anyway? The tune is so sweet. It feels like Chris is somewhere in the world and you're next to him while he's randomly playing guitar...So cool... Would definitely love to have a transcript of the lyrics from the Jordan stream though!
  13. I LOVE Coldplay's take on gospel!! BrokEn is gorgeous! On first listen it was one of my favourites of the album, but now I think songs like When I need a friend have a stronger hold on me. Still, a sweet song and a great moment. Damn this album is flawless.
  14. This song is a perfect transition in a really strong moment of the album (i mean one moment you're listening to Eko and BAM suddenly you find yourself singing the Hallelujahs of Everyday life...), and the opportunity to insist on the message of the album. Really cool.
  15. I currently have that one stuck in my head at the moment :joy: Jonny absolutely kills it, love to see him shine like that. I think the audio clip is what makes the song stand out, I truly think it elevates the song. What I like about this choice, is that it's really radical. They WANT you to know what the song is about, they do not try to find a way to go around it, instead, they face it head on. That's amazing and brave and honest.
  16. INSTANT CLASSIC ALERT! It's grown to be one of my absolute favs of the album! A perfect Coldplay song that really lets the band shine and the lyrics are Chris' best work in a very long time imo. I am so, so grateful for this song, it feels like an anthem for all the misfits, and to an extent, for Coldplay and their fans.... Coldplay have taken so much shit during their career, and by extension so have we.... It feels like this is for everyone who struggles, everyone who's rejected, a hymn to never give up and to be yourself. And Will sounds SO good!!!! I really hope they will consider playing it on future tours. It would be such a great moment.
  17. BY FAR one of my favourites on the album!!! To me it's breahtakingly beautiful, and also kind of Christmas-y? The lyrics, the choir, the speech.... I love everything in this song It's a perfect example of them experimenting with different sounds (church choir, speech) and they just make it work within a Coldplay album....It should not be a Coldplay song and yet it is, and it makes sense.
  18. By far their most heartbreaking song since O (fly on) :sob: :sob: :sob: [MEDIA=twitter]1198483734850347008[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1198483734850347008
  19. Old Friends hit me reaaaaaal hard on first listen. Cried my eyes out. It indeed totally sounds like Parachutes-era acoustic songs, like See You Soon (very, very similar in tone in fact) or Careful Where You Stand. I hope they will consider playing it on the C-stage for future tours. From the Jordan livestream, you can tell it can be just the sweetest moment, with Chris and Jonny playing alone together, so close to each other. Discovering the meaning behind the song just adds to its devastating beauty. Chris really wrote that one straight from his heart and his guts. It's so raw, it's haungtingly beautiful. He didn't even change his friend's name or anything. I've never had to mourn a friend, but I've had my fair share of old friendships, many of whom i've eventually lost touch with, and Old Friends really gets me to access feelings related to this. I am so grateful.
  20. Church is such a memorable moment of the album, I love it. It's one of the most "Coldplay" songs of the album (several songs don't seem to truly feature the whole band, as opposed to other songs , like Church). Definitely has a U2 sound to it! I could see this song played on the b-stage during future tours. The chorus is brilliant. My favourite part is the last verse, I wish they had doubled it or something, I wish it was a tad longer because the melody is catchy af and really cool. Plus the gorgeous Arabic verse, which genuinely adds depth to the song and saves it from being too Coldplay. Norah's voice is hauntingly beautiful. I also love how it's actually a love song, entitled Church and with actual Arabic lyrics...The minds... Find yourself another major mainstream band who would do that!
  21. I agree! The theme of empathy is so, so, so strong, you can feel it everywhere on the album, and it genuinely ties the album together pretty well imo. Also just wanted to butt in quickly to add that the lyrics are Chris' best work in a very long time, probably since VLV (as a collection of songs i mean. MX, GS and AHFOD do have some songs with really great lyrics ofc).
  22. I think this is obviously frustrating given their history, especially as in the UK every single one of their albums has reached #1, but first of all the album was just released, i mean it could be a grower, and second of all, they indeed have not planned much promotion for it. It's safe to say they are not expecting the album to chart so well, and if they're okay with it, then i'm good. The worst would be for them to expect to reach all the top spots and them failing at it. Thankfully, that's not really happened - when it comes to albums, I mean.... We all know the Crazy Frog debacle....
  23. Hi everyone! I feel bad I missed release day on Coldplaying :( Release day killed me, between the two livestreams and the (unsuccessful) radio contest (7-10am french time so no i did not get to go back to sleep after Sunrise haha)... A busy couple days ahead but I'm so looking forward to catching up on ALL the interviews that were released this week, can't wait to do that next week! I'll post in every song thread what I think but I'm already in love with Everyday Life. It was love at first listen. An absolute masterpiece our boys have made. I'm not good at ranking, but if I were, it would definitely be quite up the list. I am mindblown by their ability to constantly surprise us and mygod this was no expection. This is an incredibly diverse and radical album. Overwhelmingly beautiful. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
  24. Coeurli

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    I don't know how the album will sound like but I can see a release date in a year from now, but I don't see it being released earlier. Cancellations of their European festivals plans suggest, to me, that they will be recording and focusing on the album this summer. Since they are playing Global Citizen, they may want to test one or two new songs then (like in 2015). If they don't perform anything new then, then I would assume the release date would be early 2021.
  25. Coeurli

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    I know you don't want to read this but...I have hope LP9 will allow Car Kids to see the light of day Coldplay registered Car Kids last year but did not use it for Los Unidades or Everyday Life They could have used that title for another song (like what they usually do to keep the real title secret) and honestly that would be the most cruel trolling ever :joy:
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