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Re-interpreting the album under the light shed by the comics


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He probably didn't have a choice? Maybe all orphans have to become Silencers?


"Like many Silencers, he was raised in an orphanage and conditioned to be a Silencer from a very young age."

I agree, I'm pretty sure they don't get to choose :nod: (or at least they didn't, at the time when Mylo was much younger)
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I need more story from the comics to really re-interpret the album. From the little I've read/seen so far from the comics, my interpretation of the album is still the same as the story in the comics is more or less the same - oppressive environment, trying to break away, boy meets girl, etc.


But that's just me. I haven't been studying the comics like everyone has done so far to avoid spoilers so I could be wrong.


Ask me again next year. :P

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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BXg18Cx0DM]Coldplay over Mylo Xyloto - YouTube[/ame]


In this interview at 5:30, Chris explains 2 characters in a "big scary city" and "finding freedom in a big oppressive city". Also at 14:00 he explains "it's more like a movie, a story you can put yourself into".


It must have been so hard for them to not give away much right at the beginning!

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I've been following a story for years that has to do with the pic in my avatar.....I can't believe how much it reminds me of the pic of Mylo,,,,,they are even in the same position!!


If you are referring to the cover of the comic, then you are way off, hahaha! That is Fly, the female character :P

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Does anyone know how the Xylobrytes that Phil tweeted about fit in to the whole story? I didn't hear any mention of them in the comic con panel, or is that just me?




As far as I know, Xylobrites are what the fans are called, nothing else. But who knows? Maybe there are Xylobrites in the story.

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  • 8 months later...

Latest thoughts/summary/predictions as of issue #3:



So "Hurts Like Heaven" is the first ever spark! That explains why HLH was the song used for the prologue with Aiko&Lela/Car Kids. The layers and sounds of the song probably also represent the "sounds" of this art piece that started the color revolution. Cool stuff.


Fly said their big attack will be during a blackout of the hypnofeed. One moment of silence, where the Sparkers can make their big move. I don't know about you guys, but the song Major Minus always reminded me of a chase scene. That's most likely due to the sirens! Anyway, my guess on how MM fits into the comic is that it occurs during this break in the hypnofeed. At 2:40 the song is almost silent and reaches this climax… which could be them unplugging the tower or making the world's biggest spark or whatever the "attack" is. Then I imagine all the sparkers fighting, running away,what have you, and this is where Mylo gets captured.


I forget who mentioned it first, but someone said U.F.O. felt like a self reflection from a jail cell. I can see that too. Mylo's captured, they want information from him, he has no one to help… just trying to figure life out. ("Lord I don't know which way I'm going")


Princess of China starts with,"Once upon a time somebody ran/somebody ran away singing as fast they can/ 'got to go' ". This always made me think of Major Minus. Mylo is in trouble, his jeans get caught on a fence or something, and Fly has a chance to get away and she takes it. "Got to go".


Thats my guess for how they split up.


Anyway, 99% of this will probably be wrong by the next issue:) Just having a bit of fun putting the story together! I'm definitely falling in love with this album all over again. Can't wait till we have all the comics…


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