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Picture yourself in this scenario


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picture yourself in these scenarios....i've been there several times....just wanted to know what your reactions would be like:


Scenario 1:


you're in a place and people don't seem to even realize that you are there. you talk, but no one hears you. (<< pathetic i know, but it happens) you wanna make friends...but yeah that's just the condition...what would you do?


Scenario 2:


there's this guy / girl you've had a crush on for years but you've never had a chance of opening up...you see them on facebook and decide to add...you haven't spoken in some years (let's say 3 years). you wanna stay friends...what do you do?



ok then...enjoy!

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1) I tell the group that I feel like I'm being ignored and that I'd like to get to know them all better. Often, it doesn't work, because people are just pretty selfish by nature, so I'd walk away after a bit.

Keep trying though, just when they're not busy and preferably in smaller groups or in a one-on-one conversation. Nobody will make fun of you just for saying 'hi' and trying to make some new friends, but even if something like that did happen, at least you'll learn that they weren't worth your time anyway.


2) Nah I wouldn't do any of the ones above. Nothing will develop from that. Send them a message (not a wall post, idk I just feel like other people don't need to read it) saying 'do you remember me' 'how have you been lately' etc. and see if you have any music/movies/sports teams in common so you can talk about that a bit and build up a conversation

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^ why wouldn't you write on the wall? (<< please educate me)

Because if you haven't talked to someone in a long time they might think it's strange to have you write on their wall. If you comment on a status then sometimes that leads into a conversation and opens up an opportunity the then send him a message or something. It's seems like it would be a lot less awkward for both you and the other person. (or at least in my opinion)

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