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  1. hi here are my short 2 cents: i find another's arms to be very, very good. i find it to be a bit haunting, which i seem to gravitate towards to these days. so if this were a "yes or no" situation, i'd give "another's arms" a yes!
  2. ej please come back.

  3. cold. and dark. but mostly cold. Have you ever taken physics? ((and if so please help me))
  4. hi veronika! your art is beautiful~~ (( and yes i am the same coldlocked from twitter~!)) anyways, here's a bit of my art... ((i've been drawing more because my commercial art/graphic design teacher requires us to draw almost everyday)) hank green of the vlogbrothers phil lester of the amazingphil youtube channel
  5. Hell no. What's your favourite marine animal? ((my friend came up with that ok))
  6. Let it Go by Idina Menzel Or Go the Distance by Emma Blackery SQ
  7. laurel what in the world is your signature picture
  8. ((hi again~~)) the white background is a bit intimidating if you ask me. it feels a bit hostile, but hey, it's home.
  9. ((hi guys i'm back for a while)) yes? i mean it used lyrics from george orwell's animal farm and "la cucaracha" but it was sort of my melody?
  10. yeah one of the people on my twitter tl got the same thing.
  11. i don't believe there is one... (hello fellow new jerseyean!)
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