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Is anyone planning to do an Albums of the Year voting thread?

an angel

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I'd be glad to do this one; you're already doing SOTY


Great! :smiley:


Oh right, I had forgotten until now that Space Cadet officially retired from doing this last year. :sad:


Yeah, Fran, go for it! :D


Yeah, I figured most people had forgotten D:

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I'm gonna try and see if I can come up with a list this year. When I first got here in '09, I didn't know nearly enough about what was going on in music to participate. In '10, I managed to come up with one. Last year, I had so many, I lost track and I couldn't decide. D;

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I would have done it, if I wasn't gone for the hollidays. I'll do a lot of travelling in December and January so I have no idea how much internet time I find then :uhoh:


but Fran, I don't mind helping you! like keeping the score in an Excel (I have Space Cadet's template) and hand that over to you. Then at least all the albums and rating are already in there (except for late voters).

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