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My mom put some fuschia crap around the lining of my throat it's 3 A.M. I can't sleep because of the


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Earlier this week my mom caught the fever or cold or idk do I look like I have a medical degree


Well she started out with a sore throat and coughing a little bit, and her temperature was a little bit higher than normal, and then it got worse, to the point where she couldn't even stand up to go to work (and the poor woman goes to work under nearly any circumstance as she owns a little shop)


But she got over it, and then I caught it from her, but it wasn't nearly as bad, I had the sore throat the first day and since then my voice is a little funny and I cough occasionally but I'm sure if I take enough of those damned big red pills it will go away by the end of the week


well yeah that's what I thought


So anyway, today I walk home from school and I get to my mom's flower shop and inside, there's a really strong smell of flower spray paint everywhere (there are some deranged imbeciles out there that think that sending a pretty vase of red roses to their wife's work is inferior to spraying them in fucking tacky stripes of lime green, fuschia, and purple, and dipping them in a vat of glitter, but that's not the point).


The point is that it always really bothers me and she never does this outside. It's a very small and claustrophobic little store, so it's not like the smell can be diffused. Whatever. At least I get to go home in a few hours.


I get food for all the employees and I come back and she's spray painting again. The smell is even stronger than before. I walk up to her and the air all around her is hot pink and she's coughing and choking like, sorry, but an idiot. What did I just tell you? You've been really sick this week and you had nasal surgery recently. Why didn't you go outside? Why don't you wear a mask before doing this at least? Why?


Too lazy, she says.


Ok whatever.


The smell gets to me and I start coughing to the point where I'm bright red and laying on the floor like the room is filled with smoke. This happens a lot today, with me and my mom. I'm offered like 2 tons of water, some tea, all sorts of pills and cough drops, none of them helped even a little bit.


My sister didn't get it, I guess because her throat wasn't weakened by being sick, which is why I mentioned it.


You can't cough like you have a giant piece of food lodged in your esophagus for 8 hours, it has to get out at one point. But I'm not sure if this will ever get out, because this is spray paint and it's designed to be water-proof and .. probably mucus-proof. I bet you the inside of my throat is bright fucking pink polka dots.


Anyway I can't sleep, to be honest I think I'm actually having it worse than my mom, I've been coughing really violently all day and night, and I was having a really cool dream where I was at an amusement park eating ice-cream with Duran Duran so you have to help me or else I might never know how it ends :''(


What do I do? Pills don't work, I'm not sick. Do I call a doctor tomorrow? What can he do about it? Do I need throat surgery?!?!!? Am I gonna DiE?!?!?!!?1/1!? 1

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Just keep away from the paint spray, try not to cough as it weakens your throat even more and take good care of yourself.

Due to the fever/cold your trachea and/or lungs seems to be hyper-reactive. Sometimes you can get such reaction by entering hot & humit conditions or Just cold area's; you cannot stop coughin :embarrassed:

Give it some time and don't expose yourself to the spray again. Hope you are getting well soon!

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Sounds like your suffering health effects of the fumes from the spray mist. It could contain isocyanates or any other nasties.


1) Stay away from it again, allergic or irritant reactions don't get any better with time, they get worse

2) Make sure its done in the open air, or with a exhaust system to remove the fumes. Masks are the last resort

3) Tell your mom and her employees!

4) Suggest you both get to the docs for a check up.

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I think you definitely need to get your mom to spray that shit outside :freak:

I know what spray glue and aerosol paint smells like as we used it constantly in the classroom and got told off severely if there weren't open windows or the extractor fan on, but omg made me feel so groggy and sick :sick:


Maybe keep the shop door proped open while she's spraying? That will help a little bit at least.


As for being ill, I'm not sure. If it doesn't clear up soon go and see a doctor ;___:

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Labels for these products don't kid around when they say to make sure there is appropriate ventilation when used, and for good damn reason. They cause all these sorts of nasties.

Doctor's trip away! I would say maybe bring the spray can with you but I doubt it would be of any use to a doctor (aka they probably wouldn't know what to do with the info on the label like waht it contains etc)

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